Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wild Ice

Caleb standing at the back door at 7.45am -
"check this out mum, I found some wild ice!"
(No he hasnt brushed his hair yet, and yes he is in desperate need of a hair cut - he doesnt think so though!)

We had our first frost of the season this morning. The older two couldnt resisit going out and dragging their feet through the icy grass, and checking the trucks in the sandpit for 'wild ice'. Apparently the ice that you freeze in the freezer is very different to the wild ice that appears outside when its really cold LOL who would try and argue with the logic of excited boys nearly 9 & 10 years old! Isaac even got to touch the ice!
By the time I grabbed the camera Nathan was already inside sitting in front of the fire warming up LOL. Caleb was wearing his new fingerless gloves...which I suspect he may even have slept in last night ***rolls eyes*** but only his thin school shirt. Apparently he wasnt cold, only his hands were from touching the ice! BOYS!!!!

We rugged up and walked to school again this morning. It was a divine morning. The sun was out, the frost was still on the grass, the air was freezing, and their wasnt a breath of wind - truly beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Reading this has made me homeseick.... I miss living in the Hills, there's nothing better than waking up to a gorgeous frosty morning - well, so long as the fire is on in the house LOL!


Mel said...

Sounds gorgeous Nic! We just don't have that kind of cold here, just the occasional foggy morning. We too, have been enjoying walking Hannah to kindy in the mornings, now that it's not so hot. I love the cold breeze in your face and hair, it's really rejuvenating, isn't it?