Friday, June 15, 2007

Super Dooper Mega excited....

My secret is out!!!!!

It hasnt hit the shops yet, in fact I will probably have to wait another week before it gets to my newsagents, but I just got a phone call from an excited friend who recognised my gorgeous boys on the cover of the latest SM when it appeared in her mailbox this morning, and also took a pic an emailed it to me (thanks Michelle! ) !!!! Im SO thrilled!!! Its also fantastic to see them using some LO with older boys on the cover of mags lately too!

Oohhhh did I mentioned how excited I am about this LOL

I think I also have a telling tales article in this issue as well as a product challenge and another LO of my niece Georgia........I want a copy NOW!!!!!

This is like the buzz from my first ever acceptance -so cool!!!! This is also my all time favourite photo of Caleb & Nathan together, so that makes it even a little more special!


Anonymous said...

You already know how excited I am for you!

It is a gorgeous photo and stunning layout - it deserves to be on the cover!!


kathie said...

Wow congratulations! That is an achievement!
You are having heaps of successes with your scrapping at the moment. Well done.

leewoodside said...

Congrats! My copy arrived today too.

Mardi said...

Nic...this is absolutley fantastic... what a gorgeous photo...and CONGRATULATIONS!!
I agree with your comment too..its lovely to see the layouts with older boys getting a chance to shine.... this really is the most gorgeous layout...and Im looking forward to my copy now..
Mardi x

Megan said...

CONGRATULATIONS NIC!!! I've got my copy, and it looks fantastic! Your photograph is so crystal clear and fabulous.

Megan xx

Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! That is just soooo cool! And it looks wonderful :o) Well done Nic!!!! YAY!
Roz xx

Mel Diener said...

Woohoo Gorgeous, you so deserve this.

Love your life journal pages to btw.

Ali :-) said...


Such a massive achievement - and so very deserved!!! Gorgeous layout and absolutely beautiful pic - can see why it's a favourite!!!!

Ali :o)

janinek said...

Congrats Nic. Fabulous LO and photo. shop copies came in today so I got to have a good look!!

Shazz said...

congrats nic my friend and so well deserved. you are one of my favourite scrappers. and what a gorgeous pic of the boys too. how do they feel about their pic being on the cover of a magazine...???
and just how GORGEOUS-PORGEOUS is your little guy...??? i just wanna scoop him up and give him a great big cuddle...he is such a cutie-pie.
thanks for sharing his life with us....i love reading of his antics and acheivements.
have a great wednesday xxoo

Lydell said...

Whoo Hoo Nic! Got my copy in the mail last week. Good for you!!
I must just say I love the idea for the 'Life Journal' I am so into art journals and the like, I never thought of doing one like this.....I just Love it! Thanks for the inspiration...Must start my own. Your's looks gorgeous BTW!

kerry said...

Hi Nic,
Congratulations what an acheivement,good on you,the layout looks great and what a great photo of your boys.Well done.
take care Kerry

Lisa Le-Ray said...

*You are so cute*

I am, so happy for u !!!

I went into ST today and steph showed me the new SM! I turned to a page and I saw Issac, I knew it was your LO, before I saw your name :D

Love me