Monday, August 17, 2009

the signs are there...

...that spring is on its way.

The first of my minature daffodils have burst into flower.
There is the occasional day of warm sun and juicy, sweet watermelon.
Saturday was the most gorgeous warm day - such a nice break from the bleak days of winter. The sun was shining, and if you could find a place out of the wind, it was just lovely. It was a perfect day for short sleeved T Shirts and shoes with no socks
and being allowed to play with the cold, wet rocks in the water feature!

I love spring! Beautiful warm days, and cool crisp nights.
It was just a sneak peak of what is to come though - by Sunday the rain was back and the fire was alight again...winter was reminding us it had not yet had its time!
While the sun enticed us outside to enjoy it on Saturday, the cold on Sunday provided a good excuse for inside activities. Jacinta had two good sleeps, Isaac was happy to potter around, Craig, Caleb & Nathan were out all day with footy carnivals ij the morning, and the Port Power game after that. I took the chance to sew some more. I did some more of my raggy alphabet letters and I made another little bag - it was going to be a gift, but Im not happy with the quilting on it (serves myself right for being to slack to change the thread colour on the machine!!!) so its going in my room. Its made from extra pieces I had lying around from an unfinished quilt top.
This morning I made these for my sisters Jodi's kids. They each have a pair of flanny PJ pants in the same fabric as the bag in them. Ive had the fabric here for ages, but not got around to drafting patterns the right sizes and making them up. Firstly I decided to make Jess a bag, but decided since they were so quick and easy - not to mention cute, decided the boys sholuld have one each too!


Nat said...

I just love seeing your sewing!! And isn't Jazzy just gorgeous!