Monday, August 31, 2009

EB doll quilt swap

Playing around with fabric, and decorating Jacintas room has really re-ignited my passion for patchwork and quilting. Ive pulled out a few ufo's - a table ruunner and some fabric coasters, and Im working on them. I also decided to join in a doll quilt swap - Im really looking forward to it. I cant wait to find out who my swap partner is and start planning! Anyway these are some pics from flickr to give the person who will be making 'our' quilt some ideas of the styles etc that I prefer. Of course there is lots of pink, flowers and birdies! Wow there is some awesome talent out there - I could have spent hours trawling through all the gorgeousness !

Of course there is lots of pink, flowers and birdies! My little obsession with pink is not showing any signs of waining just yet (Ive got 12 years of boyishness to make up for !!! )

eb Doll Quilt swap inspiration

Maybe someone really special - like her Grandpa ;) might make Jazz a little dolls cradle/bed for Christmas?!?!?!!?
(heheheheh I know my Dad reads this!!!!! so what do you reckon Dad????? it will be just like old times when you made cradles for all of us!!!!)

Then the only thing missing will be a gorgeous doll to go in it -

I still have one of these absolutely beautiful dolls like this sweetie

from Little Jenny Wren on my wish list!

And speaking of quilts, I got a phone call Friday that Jacinta's cot quilt is done - its been off at the quilters getting a wandering daisy and hearts pattern quilted over it.

This isnt a picture of her quilt, but the a picture of a blanket from Etsy which is where I first saw and the gorgeous Penelope pottery barn kids fabric that I HAD to use as the main panel of her quilt!!!!

I will pick it up this week as soon as it arrives back at Patchwork Apple and get stuck into binding it - I cant wait to get it on her cot! Then FINALLY I promise I will share some pics of her room completed!


Nell said...

Hey Nic, have you ever thought of making Jazz a doll like Jenny's? I did a course through Head, Heart and Hands and can give you the teacher's details if you like? Now how good would that be - a cradle from Grandpa and a doll from Mummy?!?! Oh, and I loved the inspiration of all those yummy doll quilts but so do NOT need another swap project LOL!

Nat said...

Ooh I can't wait to see Jazzy's room complete!!