Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a little dose of cuteness

Since a friend posted a pic of the gorgeous little bag she made other day, Ive not been able to get it out of my mind. I checked out the tutorial she followed , decided it was well within my capabilities, and added it to my rapidly growing list of things Id like to make.

When I had a few hours to fill this morning before going to have lunch with Kathie & Jamie (finally) I decided to make a start on one. I used the scraps from the fabrics Ive used in Jacintas room. The tutorial was great to follow - and it was pretty quick to do - I finished it off when we got back!
Its even cuter now that Ive seen the size - I cant decide if I want to add a handle or not - at the moment its on the shelf in her robe holding Jacintas brush and comb - Im thinking another to hold the spare dummies, and just because you should have an uneven number, another for hairbands etc.... a larger one, using the same principle, would make a gorgeous library bag...and some more little ones made up in christmas prints would be perfect to hold small gifts - can you tell I think they are really cute!!! and a fantastic way to use up scraps!

ETA - another quick pic to give you a better idea of the size
...and for anyone who gives these a try - you wont normally see the little strip of lining fabric around the top. I wanted it to show, and so didnt fold it right back over and in when I tucked the lining back in - this does mean that the lining doesnt sit quite as nicely as it should inside though. Next time I will probably add an extra 1/4" to the lining to make it all sit perfectly.


Nat said...

Cute as!! What lovely fabrics you used too - I need to get some fabrics to make things fgor Lani's room, might have to make a couple of these for shelves too!! Its hard to see how small it is without anything inside it to compare to though!! They are pretty small right?

Nicole Anderson said...

toh too cute Nic .. gorgeous pretty colours!! how fun and easy are they .. LOL your thinking like me - how many more can i make and what can i use them for - Christmas , birthdays , baby showers !!! I'm making a few for our fair coming up to (running the craft store)..
have fun making more

kathie said...

I love this! You made it before you came and visited? Wow, speedy! It was lovely to catch up with you all this afternoon. How was Isaac on the way home?

meika said...

That's gorgeous Nic! What is the bird fabric you used. I love it!

Nic Wood said...

Meika - The bird fabric is from a discontinued pottery barn kids range called Penelope. I loved it as soon as i saw it...and HAD to have some LOL - after much searching I found a lovely US ebayer who managed to get me a couple of pieces (- thanks McKinley!) These little bags are great, because after what it ended up costing me (mainly due to the exchange rate!) I really want to use every last little piece!!!

Ann said...

Your bag is so cute and the fabric just perfect. I have just made a little bag following the tutorial and plan to make some more using Christmas fabric.
Thanks for sharing