Monday, August 24, 2009

18 months

To my gorgeous little girl,

One and a half - so much more the age of a toddler than a baby, and now that you are finally walking, you really have become a toddler. You seem so much older, toddling around, exploring the world. Looking at you walking, its hard to believe that only three short weeks ago you were still crawling - it seems like so long ago!

You new found method of getting around means that now you are always wanting to go outside - you stand at the door - "ide, ide" - if anyone goes out and leaves you standing there, you quickly disolve into a tearful mess, plop down onto your bottom, and bang on the door, as your tear filled eyes plead with the person on the otherside to let you go out.

You are constantly babbling and holding conversations with us all. The very animated babble is occasionally punctuated with a word we can understand - mummy, daddy, up, or the funny little noise you still make if you are hungry or thirsty. There are so many new words starting to break through the babble - oof (woof), ack (quack), es (yes), coot (cute), shhs (shoes), ummy (dummy). Your face lights up when we are able to work out what you are trying to tell us, and you are able to answer questions with "es" or the shake of your head. The later is becoming more common as you realise it nearly always gets a good reaction from people. You can follow simple instructions such as "where is your other shoe?", "go and find some socks", "where is Isaac?".

Your love of books is growing. You are always grabbing a book out of your basket and bringing it to me to read - you still prefer turning the pages to actually listening to the words. You love your dummy and blankie, and often sneak into your room and pull them out from your cot. We try to keep them just for sleep time. Usually you will have few sucks and then go and put your dummy back in your bed when I ask. Your favourite toys are still the boys matchbox cars and Isaacs big blue Lightening McQueen car - you know where all the buttons are to get it to talk and make noises! You also love Isaacs Teddy and will sneak a cuddle with him whenever you get the chance - I think its because you see how much Isaac loves him. Isaac is OK with you having a cuddle, thank goodness!

You are still transitioning between two and one sleeps during the day. Most mornings wake at around 7ish, you are happy to play in your cot and so usually you stay in there for at least half an hour while the boys eat breakfast etc. I get you up, nappy changed and dressed, and then you like to have your breakfast straight away.. Most mornings its 3 weetbix, but sometmes its toast or porridge or a cheese sandwich. Morning tea is fruit or crackers and a cup of milk, and then your ready to go back down for a sleep by 10am - most days you will have a good 2 -2 1/2 hours. Lunch is mostly, a toastie, or pasta, of finger foods. I try to put you down for another little nap in the afternoon so your not so grumpy by tea - mostly its just a rest time - its hard to settle with all the after school chaos! Tea time is 5pm - you have some sort of tummy timer that goes off at exactly 5pm...and that is when food must be served or we have to put up with a grumpy whingy little girl until it is. You usually have what we had the night before, I dish you up a serve and pop it in the fridge all ready to go the folowing day, that way I dont have to try and have our dinner organised that early, just so I can serve yours up! I usually bath you and Isaac just before tea. After your tea you have a bit of a play while I do bits for our dinner, and then its off to bed at 6pm. I put you in your sleeping bag, pop dummy in your mouth, blankie in your arms to cuddle and close your door right over. Occasionally we have to go in and lay you back down, but mostly your straight off to sleep for the night.
When ever we visit Auntie Vic, you love playing with all the magnets on her fridge.
At home you have taken to collecting things in your walker.
I find all sorts in there, from cars, dolls and books to drink bottles, pieces of toast. The other day a half eaten bananna stashed in there -YUCK!
You love spending time outside with Isaac - playing with the water and stones in the water feature, exploring the yard, learning to climb and play in the sand pit, and generally getting wet and dirty at the moment. I cant wait until the weather warms up and we can be outside a lot more.
Peek-a-boo continiues to be a favourtie game, along with round and round the garden. You start dancing when ever you hear music.
We all love you so much little princess!
Mummy xxx


kathie said...

Awww, what a little sweetheart. She is growing up, Nic! Love that photo of her in her pink stripey leg warmers (hint!). In fact love any of those photos (hint!).

I love reading these... it takes me back to some of the things that Jamie was doing at that age.