Saturday, October 24, 2009

20 months

To my sweet little Jazzie,

Another month has passed. You are growing up so quickly now, my 'baby' has gone and has been replaced with a sweet little girl. I had forgotten what a delightful age this is. You are amazed by everything, you love to play little games, sing little songs and laugh until you give yourself hiccups - just because you can! Despite looking like a sweet girly little girl, you can more often than not you can be found playng with dump trucks or cricket bats or any other of the stereotypical boys stuff that is always laying around here.The other day you woked out how to make the little wiggles car go forwards all by yourself. You were so excited. Now you can ride around and around the table with Isaac. I think its time to get you a little ride on of your own. Toni gave us this old one of tanners, but it doesnt even have a seat...not that you seem to mind!

You are still attracted to dirt and mud, thank goodness that its finally starting to warm up, and the puddles of mud have dissapeared. The other day you and Isaac were outside alone for five minutes and this was the result. Seriously I didnt know where to start, it was right through everything.

You have started to take a real interest in the couple of dolls you have as well. You try to feed them, and wrap them up and kiss them goodnight - its very cute to watch. Im still hoping Grandpa will make you a cradle (just like I had) for Christmas so you will have a special place for your 'babies' to sleep. More and more you are beginning to engage in pretend play with Isaac. You both love being dogs, crawling around on the ground chasing each other, tounges hanging out, panting like puppies. Tea parties are a regular occurance, and you were thrilled that we had some real water in the cups the other day - one of the advantages of the spring weather finally arriving. Ive done a couple of little photo shoots of you having a tea party with some of your great Nannas tea cups, it was lots of fun.
Your language skills are developing rapidly now. There are new words being mastered, and in between all of your gabbled conversations a distinguishable word will suddenly appear and take us by suprise. You say Mummy, Daddy, puppy, up, off, moolsh (milk), cup, cack (quack), hat a;; the time.
We got to catch up with Tracy, Chloe, Mia, Carina and Damon this month. Mia and Damon were born around the same time as you, and Mummy became friends with Tracy & Carina through an online parenting forum. All of our babies were due between the 15th-29th Feb 2008. There are a group of us who are still in regular contact, and these are the two that Ive had the pleasure of getting together with in real life.

On Nathans birthday and you loved helping to blow out the candles. You loved the cake even more!

Your bedroom is finally finished. I bound your quilt, and got all the finishing touches done. Its a really pretty room, and I was thrilled to have it featured on Spearmint Baby.
You really are a sweet little girl. You are quite clingy to Daddy and I at the moment though. If we go any where you spend most of the time climbing up my legs. You want to sit up in the lounge with us, but as soon as you get up there you want to hop back down again. You follow us around the house like a shadow, and like to be right in the middle of what ever we are doing. You have discovered how to open cupboards and are always getting cups and plates out, or your toothbrush out of the bathroom or putting things in the rubbish bin. If we growl you burst into tears. If someone takes something away that you want, you yell. If we try and give you something you dont want, you will either not take it, or throw it away. You love giving us kisses and cuddles, but love the power that comes with being able to shake your head and giggle cheekily if Mummy asks for a kiss and you dont want one. You frighten easily, and are not at all brave. You have woked out how to get safely up and down the stairs at Auntie Vics place, but cant manage the two steps down from Georgias cubby house. Now that daylight savings has started Ive been trying to push your dinner and bed time later so that you can eat with us. You no longer let me feed you with a spoon - either you do it yourself, or you flat out refuse to eat it. You prefer a plate of finger foods that you can pick up and eat yourself. You will usually still let me feed you your weetbix for breakfast - you still have three most mornings. You drink mostly water, although milk is your drink of choice at the moment. You love to run away naked when I have dried you after your bath, and you still kick and carry on nearly everytime I dress you. You love shoes - yours and everyone elses, we are always looking for one of our shoes that you have slipped on and left in some strange place around the house or yard. You like to push things around on the tiles - the noisier the better.

I love you so much my baby girl.
Mummy xxxx