Tuesday, October 06, 2009

who would have thought?

That I would find such a lovely group of friends online?

Firstly there is the lovely group of 'ladies' that I met through the online scrapbooking world. Back in the days of snappy scrapping! Many of them I have met in real life, many others I would dearly love to meet one day. All of whom I consider friends, and who have had a such a positive impact on my life.

Next there is my Feb 08 Mums group. I was never a member of a mothers group while I was pregnant with the boys. Our anti natal classes with Caleb were in town and it was run over one full day. It was not at all conducive to building on going friendships or support networks! I was preganat with Nathan with in six months of Caleb being born, so didnt attend any anti natal classes, and by the time I fell pregnant with Isaac Id been there done that twice already and didnt see the point...plus I had my gorgeous frind Kathie to share the ups and downs of whole journey with - Isaac & Jamie were due on the same day!

When I found I was pregnant with Jacinta I think I went looking for a due date calculator and stumbled across Essential Baby. I posted that night in the Feb 15 - 29 08 due in group (DIG) A group of us became a wonderful source of support, encouragement and laughter for each other through out our pregnancies, and we are still in regular contact now. The only trouble with online groups is that its hard to get together in real life. Im fortunate that Ive been able to meet two of them. Carina is here in SA, and that Tracy has family here. Each time Tracy has been over we have organised a get together. The first one was late last year...this is what our little bubs looked like back then...

Last week we got together again...they were all on the move, and determined not to let me get a photo of the three of them together! At least they are all in the same shot here!

These girls all rock - they are thoughtful, funny, supportive, and so much more! Hopefully one day we might all get together...somewhere in the middle of SA, VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS & QLD - what fun that would be!!!
Ive also 'met' girls that are into MCN, photography, and quilting through groups on EB and through blogging, there are certainly some wonderful souls out there in cyber space! (Yeah I know there are probably a lot of weirdos out there too, but hopefully I can manage to steer clear of them!).
To each and every one of you who has touched my life in some way - thank you !
I also really appreciate all of you that visit by my blog regularly to see what we are up to. If your reading this post, even if you are a first time visitor, or one of the 'regulars' leave me a comment just to say Hi, Id love to know who is popping by these days!
Nic xxx


Katie Toland said...

helloooooo nic!! Dropping by for my little nic-fix. I hear ya on the online friends. I was in the 1-15Mar09 DIG, so almost exactly a year behind you. I just met up with the melbourne girls again last week. I've met so many beautiful people on line.... including you! :D Although I need to meet you IRL now.

meika said...

Aww thanks Nic! We all love you too! We are a great group and it is wonderful to have formed such great friendships!

Car said...

What a beautiful post :)

I've been in a group over there since 2006 & have been lucky enough to meet 2 of the girls. I am praying for a trip to Melb to meet the rest of the girls (& the quilting girls too) sometime next year - now that would be the ultimate!!!

Nat said...

Hi Nic! I would say that a good chunk of my closest friends I met online. As a Mum, its much easier to connect via the www than to meet out sometimes. And even if I haven't 'seen' my friends I know the friendships run just as deep. Online mates are the bomb.
Love ya xx

Ali :-) said...

Hey Nic!!! I always pop in to see how you and your beautiful family are going!

Would love to meet you IRL again one day! (since the first and last time was 2004!)

Nell said...

I agree. It always seems wierd to have friends you haven't met IRL but sometimes it is easier to catch up with those friends than the ones that live around the corner LOL. I have to say I am totally loving blogging. It is like having access to a gianormous new craft magazine every day!!!

kathie said...

I'm glad that I filled the void of a mothers' group :). That said, I really am in need of a nic/isaac/jazz fix...

Oh, and lovie? You and your man looked wicked as 80s groovers ;)

Jess said...

As Meika said, aww thanks. The mother's group is a great group!

Look at the kids now. It's amazing how quick they have all grown up.

Hmmmm a big meet up would be fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi chickie, I always read but never comment - such a bad habit and rude huh!

All your boys are adorable but I can't get enough of your little miss - caauute!!!

Erica xx

PS. LOL @ Snappy, those were the days hey

PPS. I think the first time I met you in Qld you were very pregnant with Isaac and the second time I met you you were very pregnant with Jazz!

Anonymous said...

Great photos and a lovely post; I hope we can all meet up one day. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nic! I can't believe how long it has been since we all joined our DIG and have become friends! How our little ones have grown!

A big group catch up would be awesome......maybe one day?