Friday, October 09, 2009

Jacintas Room - its FINALLY finished!

It seems like so long ago that I started re-decorating Jacintas room, and Im thrilled that at 5pm tonight I finished hand stitching the binding on her quilt, made her cot up with it and finally got to stand back and take it all in! Here are lots of photos (click to enlarge them) of the finished room, along with the story of how it all came about - mainly just to record it all somewhere for when Jazz is older and wants to know all about it. Ive spent the last months checking out so many gorgeous rooms and ideas, especially those featured on Spearmint baby - there is so much inspiration out there.

Her room is quite small, only about 3m x 3m once the built in robe was installed. The room was created on a relatively small budget. The cot and change table are on loan from my best friend, the majority of the items in the room have been hand made by me, or have been gifts given to Jacinta. Ive tried to incorporate all my ideas with out the room feeling cluttered. I wanted a modern'ish', unclutterd yet cosy room, that was filled with love, history and memories, I was also mindful that it wont be too long until she will move from a cot to a bed. I think that most of the things in her room will grow with her in the years to come.

This is the view from the doorway. The gorgeous pink childrens sofa was from Kmart and was a gift from us for her first Christmas. The built in robes were made in the simplest profile available, and match the wall colour. I didnt want them to be a feature of the room. The tree mural is "love tree girl' from the hip infant and was a 1st birthday gift from Grandma & Grandpa.


I wanted some sort of mobile in the room. I loved this one, but wanted to personalise it for her room. I used the shape of the birds from the wardrobe mural
to make these fabric birdies, and mounted the branch to the wall with 3M velcro mounting strips. The butterflys were hand cut from Michael Miller fabric paper and hung with invisible thread.

These frames are from Ikea. The top one has a strip of scrapbooking patterned paper down the centre, and metal butterfly is from a necklace I picked up second hand for $2. The middle frame has a hand cut felt initial and a piece of the gorgeous fabric that features in the cot quilt. The bottom frame has a vintage transfer of a deer in it. I picked a couple of sheets of these up secondhand - they are the same range that my mum used on our dolls cradles and wardrobes when we were babies.

Most of the toys are packed away (or laying around the house somewhere!) but there is a small basket of toys and some favourite books in the corner of her room.
The gorgeous fabric doll was a gift from Auntie Mandy, Uncle John, Jason and Rhiannon when Jazz was born - its her first dolly, so will always be a bit special.

The large fabric butterfly is from Tiger Tribe and was also from the Hip Infant. It was a 1st birthday gift from the boys. The smaller butterfly and the little one on the frame are handmade and were purchased as a Christmas gift at the local Christmas markets.

This collection of frames is a bit of an eclectic mix. I made the alphabet frame from patterned paper, fabric paper and a mix of chipboard letters which I painted all black. I really like the effect of combining the different fonts. The large picture on the left is by Belle & Boo and was a free download from the feed your soul project, as were the two top centre prints. The little bird mirror was bought from a favourite local gift shop one day when Craig took Jazz & I out for lunch. Above the mirror is a page taken from a little golden book that was mine as a child, a favourite photo and a couple of other artworks that I made complete the group. My plan is that this will be a changing display. I invivion that as she grows older it will display favoutrite things and her handmade artworks.

The centre fabric for this quilt was sourced from the US. It is a print from a Pottery Barn kids range called Penelope. Unfortunately it is not available in Australia, and it is also a discontinued range. From the first time I saw it on etsy, I just knew that I had to have it for Jacintas room. After weeks of searching on etsy and ebay, I finally found the most lovely seller that previously had some listed. Although she didnt have any left, she went out of her way to track some down for me and get it sent over. (Thanks so much McKinley, I really appreciate it...and now you finally get to see the results, took long enough didnt it LOL)

All of our cloth nappies and accessories are stored under the change table. I must confess that the top is usually covered in a pile of clothes and nappies waiting to be sorted, folded and put away. I prefer to change her on the floor anyway!

This set of prints were also made by me. THe little girl in the centre was based on a print from etsy that i loved. Unfortunately I saved it to a favourite folder, but have no idea who the origianl artist was. They are pen drawings whch were then coloured using water colour pencils. The birds above are chipboard covered in one of the quilt fabrics, and the heart garland is chipboard covered in some excess pieces from the mural on the wardrobe.

So there it is! A girly pink bedroom for my little princess. I love it, and more importantly she loves it. She loves all the birdies and loves blowing the butterflys to make them flutter, she went to sleep cuddled up under her new quilt, sucking her dummy, her little pink blankie held securely up near her face. Ahhhhhhhhhh I love this little girl so much!!!!


Becky said...

What an AMAZING room! You have done such a wonderful job :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I love it!! I called my mum over to have a look and we're both speechless... you're my idol! Eloise

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful room Nicole. So many special treasures in there.

Anna - said...

Love everything in the room, just gorgeous! The quilt is stunning, what a shame that fabric is discontinued, its gorgeous. Love the wall stickers and the handmade birdies on the stick, too cute! Has definitely given me lots of inspiration to sort out Miss M's room : )