Sunday, October 11, 2009

anyone for tea?

Jacinta LOVES having tea parties.
Ive had a few ideas for some tea party photos running around in my head for a while now. Yesterday I got out a gorgeous vintage tea set that belonged to my Nanna and we went out in the paddock across the road - it was a lovely overcast day - until we got out there, and the sun kept peeking through the clouds and making my life difficult! Anyway (despite the crappy light) here is my favourite shot - it did not translate exactly from what I had in my mind...but considering whats in my mind is way more advanced than my skill level, Im happy to settle for this shot...

This afternoon Craig took the boys fishing for a few hours, while Jazz and I had a girly afternoon...with the camera of course. This little shoot started out with her fully clothed, but the only way to get her to sit there was to keep filling her cup up with water. Her attempts to drink the water resulted in one very wet little girl. We ditched the clothes and added a little bling - high tea, baby style!
And by the way, did any one see who took my little baby away and replaced her with this sweet little girl? Where is the time going?


kathie said...

She is really such a sweetie! Look at that beautiful haircut too. I think that makes her look older - that her hair looks really in a style now - you know, it's not growing out the baby hair like at first.

I love these photos. Truly, I could make all Jacinta's scrapbook albums if you'd give me some of your photos ;). Which reminds me that I have another layout here for you.