Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday 21 October 2009 | 1.30pm

As I walked through my house just now, this is what I could see.
I thought I would record some of the everyday life stuff - excuse the not so perfect photos, they really are just snapshots!

Apple & Oat cake, Chocolate muffins & scones that we baked this morning.

As much as I love the computer, it really is the one big distraction when Im trying to get things done.

A pile of stuff to re home after the big declutter of Isaacs room on the weekend, and a fishing rod that was being used to catch a baby sister earlier.

Thank goodness for the dishwasher!

Isaacs dump truck quarry which has kept him amused for the last week, and which I just packed up - I wonder how long before he notices?

I spend half my life sweeping up. I tend to leave the broom sitting here where I can grab it when ever I need - drives Craig crazy!

One of the joys of having little ones in the house - always toys laying around

One boy, sound asleep..and he still is!

With four males in the house, this is a sight I have had to get used to..and why is it so hard for anyone to put a new roll of toilet paper on?

and while Im wondering why?, kids dirty clothes on the floor - right next to the basket!

Another hazard of having a larger family - the amount of washing...its never ending!

One little girl, who has just woken up.

The beds are unmade, but in all, quite tidy for a change!

There is always a pile of clean washing waiting to be sorted and folded.

This end of kitchen bench tends to accumulate all sorts of things that shouldnt be there!

The coffee machine is all set and waiting for me to make my afternoon cuppa - I still havnt got back to do that!
A little man and some trains that I picked up this morning, sat on the shelf while I did something else, and still havnt put away yet.

"mummy.....Muummy..................MUUUUUUUUUUUUMYYYYYYYYY...................{I look over and smile}......BOO"
I think she is ready to get up now!


Becky said...

How clever is that dump truck quarry! I will have to remeber that.

I broom is always handy here as well :(

Katie Toland said...

Loved seeing around your beautiful home Nic. Love to see the little snap shots of your life, and so many I can relate too aswel. Have not had a chance to pop onto your blog for a few weeks, but was lovely to catch up with all your posts xxkt