Monday, May 29, 2006

Moving on

OK Ive actually got something to share today besides the gripes about my lack of sleep. Kathies comment made me put it all into perspective a bit (in the nicest possible way!)There are mums all over the world who have got it so much worse off than me. I have a gorgeous healthy baby - so what if that means missing a little sleep. I will survive. It wont be forever. OK moving on from that topic.

YIPPEE!!! I got some scrapping done today. Had a little fun with this one. Tested out a new stitch on my machine, and tried 81/2 x 11. It was so much quicker, and used up some scraps - always a good thing. The stitched border is from my machine. Any other stitching is autumn leaves rub ons.

Journalling reads: When I look at this photo I see so much more than just a caredree day at the beach. Its really so typical of the relationships I have with my boys at the moment. Isaac is so totally dependant on me for everything. Calebon the other hand is searching for independence, pushing the boundaries, testing the limits. But there are still times when the only thing he needs is a cuddle from his mum! Behind the camera is Nthan. Always helpful, reliable, looking for ways to please everyone. Right in the middle is me. Juggling all of this, tryiong to treat everyone fairly. My boys are all so different, but one thing is for sure...I LOVE them all!

Hopefully I might get another finished tonight. Im feeling all inspired now.


kathie said...

LOL, I didn't mean my comment to be a putting-it-in-perspective-comment at all. But if it helped, then that's great. I love, love, love your beach photo and the symbolism you wrote about in your journaling. Fantastic. You are a great Mum.

Donna said...

This layout and the photo is just gorgeous. So beautiful!

Megan said...

This LO is just beautiful and the photo is gorgeous. Love your work

Ruthy said...

What a beautiful and touching moment in motherhood is that photo!

Mel Diener said...

Oh Nic...the smaller size certainly agrees with you..this layout is awesome. And your journalling is fantastic as always.