Tuesday, August 15, 2006

..but wait there's more

sorry for bombarding you with photos of my little man today, but Im determined to get this sorted out and work out how to master blogger!

I snapped this shot of Isaac the other day. Before he was crawling, when I put him to bed he would just stay in the one spot - he would kick his rugs of or turn his head to the side, but not move around much. Now days I never know what position I will find him in LOL this couldnt have been comfortable, but he slept for about another half an hour like this!


Nic Wood said...


kathie said...

The little possum loves his teddy bear :)

Oh, I think I know what it might be - I think that I recall that the enlarge thing wasn't working for me either - because I was choosing "centre" when choosing "large". I think you may have to choose "left" with "large" and that'll give you a thumbie that can be made bigger. LOL, what a hassle, hey!

Mel said...

Hah, he's so cute... Hannah used to love sleeping on her tummy too (and still does). You're lucky that Isaac didn't move around too much before crawling...sheesh, Ben is nearly 6mths and if he's not tucked in *really* tightly, he's rolling all over the place! Lucklily it's winter, so I can do that :)

Kathy Pitt said...

gorgeous photo you have there, so sweet :)