Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I wish I knew yesterday...

..morning as Isaac cuddled up warm and snug in my bed for a feed, that it might have been the last time that I gave my sweet little boy a breastfeed. He flat out refused me this morning! I thought maybe he just didnt want anything, but when I offered him a bottle about half and hour later he guzzled it all down. I knew it wasnt going to last forever, but Im just a bit sad that I didnt even get to savour our final feed, I think its worse that I didnt even know that it might be the last one. I guess I will just have to get used to cuddles in bed in the morning (although he would much rather be out with his brothers :( once he hears they are up)
My baby is just growing up SO fast. Perhaps I could have another!?! Maybe if I didnt remember how horrific actually being pregnant was last time I might seriously consider it, although I would have bucklies and none of talking Caig around to another one...he is quite content with our little family just the way it is.

The boys and I were mucking around with the camera this afternoon and I managed to capture this self portrait of me and my boys. Isaac has gorgeous blue eyes like Caleb, and the cutest little turned up nose and olivy skin like Nathan, BUT I have no idea where the blonde hair has come from. He is getting blonder and blonder - my little blue eyed, blonde bombshell LOL

I was thinking today about the fact that even though Im an avid scrapbooker, and love taking millions of pohotos, there are already things in Isaacs life that I cant believe I missed the opportunity of photographing. I dont have a photo of him in the car seat as a newborn when it was facing backwards (yet I remembered to take pics the second I turned it around), I dont have photos of Isaac in my favourite little 0000, 000, & 00 outfits, I dont have a pic of him laying in his little donut pillow on the lounge chair where he spent so much time as a newborn, and I dont have a pic of that delightful fat & full (or milk drunk) state that newborns get after a feed.

I am determined to try and document more of these everyday types of moments on film and in my albums now. So I have a question for you all... what photos do you really wish that you had taken? Id love everyones feedback, and maybe hearing what others missed out on might help us all to remember to document all the little things in our lives a bit more often.


kathie said...

I'm the same. There are a million zillion photos that I wished I had taken of Jamie. Light is always the problem for us - our house is so dark and it's so hard to get good pics. But still, I should have still taken the snapshots even if they weren't scrap worthy. Now I'm kicking myself.

Love the photo of you and the boys. Isaac has grown up so much! He looks heaps older than Jamie.

What a great idea for your monogram - love how your photo perches on the bottom of the letter. Stunning!


Marie said...

That's a gorgeous photo of you and your boys. And they are very handsome!!!!

I'm sure there are lots of photos I wish that I had taken but I'm not even going to start thinking about it or I'll start to feel bad.
I'll have to be content with my memories. Have a great day!

Lydell Quin said...

I know how you feel. With us it was me not my little girl though. Milk just went away at 4 months! I was devastated! I at least wanted to feed her for 6 months! Very sad! The photo you managed to get of all of you is a lovely one! Looking forward to seeing this one on a LO!
Thankyou for your comment on my blog too, It was nice to hear from you! I, like others loved your entry. Especially your BTP. Such a gorgeous thing to have hanging in your child's room.

kate mason said...

oh i so know what you mean. i swore i wouldn't miss any photo opportunities with charlotte after missing lots with georgia. time of course has flown by & i have missed lots.

i always wanted some of those black backdrop/ naked sleeping newborn in dads hands kind of pics. now my little missy is awake all the bloody time!!!! doh!

oh well, i have pics, lots of pics, i guess there are some things we are going to miss huh? just need to try & etch those moments on our brains. even thats hard these days.... what was i talking about??? LOL xoxo

Mel said...

I think all of us mums (especially those with more than one child) know exactly how you feel. As I'm still catching up on Hannah's layouts, I can see that I have less photos of Ben than I did of her. I think we are just so busy running around after the others that you tend to miss those opportunities that you were "just hanging out for" with the first child. It's sad, but I'm trying to capture some quality photos of Ben - not necessarily perfect shots, but photos of the moments that really count - the everyday moments that really show his personality...

Melanie x

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh Nic - I hope it wasn't the last time. They grow up so quickly don't they. With my little man still young I will have to try to take some of the pics you mentioned. Your little man sure does look grown up! What acutie he is!!


Katie Toland said...

Oh nic!! He might still want to feed, not just at that moment :(

Love your layouts and bits and pieces. Love the sewing, looks great.

Re the photo, I know I've missed a lot too. I'd photograph every moment of their lives if I could. I get so caught up in taking the perfect photo sometimes, I have to stop and tell myself "it is OK to use the flash!" I've made more of an effort recently and have some gorgeous ones of Ethan sitting in the pot drawer with all the pots on the floor around him etc. Yep there is mess in the background, but that's life with two littlies, and that's what I want to remember.

(why are my replies always so much longer than everyone elses LOL?)