Tuesday, August 01, 2006

crawling - well sort of

My little boy is sort of crawling today. Its so cute to watch, his arms and legs seem to do all the right movements but he doesnt really get too far :)

With a bit of encouragement he is getting better each try though - by the end of the week Im guessing there will be no stopping him. Not sure everyone will be so excited about the whole thing when he is under their feet, grabbing their toys, destroying the TV book that always gets left etc etc etc.

I wanted to send a big congratulations to Kathie for getting the call from SM saying she made it into the top 100 - not that I ever doubted she would. ( Awesome work babe! Hope little Jamie is on the mend too.) A big congrats to any one else out there that 'made it' that I dont know about.

After deciding to do the FK EM album I was a little hesitant when I saw this months onsert. Id never used iron ons before...WOW they are fantastic though. They were actually suprisingly easy to apply, and I just love the texture they add to the page. Yet another thing to add to my wish list ;) I managed to get 2 singles and a double done for last months theme, and Ive completed my first one for this month already. I really need a few more supplies to mix in though so it doesnt look quite so dated (Ive been using up stuff in my stash that I already had)

Ive finally done it - unlimited braodband!!! Lets see how much more time I waste on this darn computer now though.

Thanks for all your comments on my last LO too. Im still thinking its right out there (which was the whole point I guess!) but thanks for laughing with me anyway!!!
Ive actually been back to Teeshas site for another look, and read about how she does her art journals. It was really interesting that she doesnt just do one page at a time, but rather about 10 and just lets them evolve as she feels the inspiration.


kathie said...

go isaac!

Jamie shows no signsof even getting onto his hands and knees let alone crawling. And ta, he's on the mend although showing no sign of sleeping yet tonite. can you tell he's wriggling around pn my lap right now?


kate mason said...

kathie thats exactly what i was going to say - GO Isaac!!!!!! LOL
keep it up little buddy, you'll get there before you know it, speshly since you have 2 very mobile older brothers!!!

hope you are well nic! kate xo