Monday, August 14, 2006

how do I ...?

Thanks for all your comments everyone, you sure know how to lift a girls spirits!!!

A few of you have commented about enlarging the thumbnails on my blog. Can some one give me directions as to how I go about loading them so you can click on them and bring them up bigger please.

We had the kids footy carnival yesterday - what a big day. We left home at 9am and got back about 4.30pm. Caleb and Nathans games were at oppisite ends of the earth (well it sure felt like it) and in between where I had to trapse back and forth was heaps of sand that had been dumped there. Im not talking about a sprinkling, it was really deep sand - at least 30cm! What fun it was trying to get the pusher back and forth over that to go and watch Naths games. Of course I had to do it myself because Craig coaches Calebs team, so between each game he had to organise the next team etc etc. He was a little dissapointed that he didnt get to see much of Nath playing though. Most of the kids in his team are first year players, and I think they reached their peak yesterday LOL they played so well, I was so proud of them. Calebs team have a lot more experience, and they played most of their games really well to. Even they have inproved a lot over the year. Isaac was a little angel, he only slept for about 10min all day though! When we were nearly finished packing up, Craig strapped him in the baby seat so we could put the pusher in the boot. He was asleep before we even got back in the car to leave!
AND what was the one thing i forgot - my camera!!!! GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR. thankfully Sabine was coming up for a while, so I rang her and she bought hers up. Which is probably better anyway as its a heaps better camera and she has a huge zoom lens as well. Cant wait to see the photos she took. Although she isnt a scrapper herself, she is a great photographer and loves to take LOTS of photos - gotta love her!!!!!

I took Katies advice this morning and set the timer for 1 hour to get housework done. Wow I got so much done, dishes, everything wiped down, floors swept & vacuumed, beds made, and I even got the kids rooms cleaned up (usually their job - which doesnt get done -but I was on a roll) got a pot of soup on, and some veggies roasting for Isaacs lunch and to go with tea.
The sad thing is I found it hard to stop when my hour was up - LOL - but I did ;)

OK im off to watch Dr Phil now - hopefully there is something good on today, its been pretty crap lately. Maybe ive just been home and able to watch it for to long!!!!!


Katie Toland said...

Hi Nic, yep I'm stalking you today LOL Good going with the timer, works a treat doesn't it. After all that hard work you deserve to sit back and watch a bit of Dr Phill!

Not sure how you are loading photos, the only way I know how to do it is to click the little picture button at the top of the screen when you are adding an entry. That then gives you a little window to select your file etc from. Select Load photo, and wait a little while, and it should appear on your page with your text. I do the photo bit first, then add the text. Is that how you are doing it?

Mel said...

Hi Nic, I thought I'd better post on this post about the thumbnails, too!

I agree with Katie - I don't think it matters if you do text or photos first, but it should also give you the option of choosing something like 'small, medium or large'. I choose 'large' and it always links my thumbs to a larger image. Hope this helps!

Melanie x

kathie said...

Yep, you have to select "large" from the small/medium/large option. I always make my original image around 500 x 500.
And I'm jealous. Where do you get an hour all to yourself in the day? I wish Jamie would sleep for longer than 40 minutes in one go! And he's back to feeding at 11pm and at 4am at the moment too! Probably just a hangover from the gastro. I think he's trying to fill up again.