Tuesday, August 22, 2006

quality time

I geuss thats what Ive been upto over the last few days. Friday Craig had the day off and arranged for us to meet up with my best friend Sabine and her DH (and no kids!!!) in town for lunch. We havnt done that for sooooooo long - it was fantastic!

Saturday was spent home with the family and then we ended up for dinner at Sabines place - a yummy steamboat - gee that girl can cook. Im so blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life who loves and supports me and puts up with me unconditionally!

We had a couple of drinks with some other friends on Sunday. Pretty layed back weekend in all!!

Toni still hasnt had the baby! She is booked on tonight for an induction, so by this time tomorrow I should have all the details.

Been checking out a heap of blogs today and it sounds like all the girls that went off to Kiwi scraps on the weekend had the best time. Adelaide is just so far away from all these things!!! You should all jump on a plane and come down here for Creative Edge in January!!!

*baby stuff for my records* Isaac got his third tooth on Sunday. He has had a temp for the last couple of days and has been really restless, day and night. So unlike him. He seems a little better today, so hopefully he is managing to fight off what ever it is. THe other day ws his final feed from me :( tried again to no avail and decided to just go with the flow and d]keep on with the bottles in the morning. Only good thing is I didnt have to wake up when he did on the weekend!!!


Mel Diener said...

Whats creative escape???

kathie said...

Yeah, I'm green with envy reading about Kiwi Scraps. Sigh.
I won't be able to get to Creative Escape either. My last weekend before starting back at work. Groan.
I'm so sorry about Isaac's premature self-weaning. Someone told me it's a boy thing and I've heard so many friends say that their boys just weaned themselves at about 9 months. Jamie's feeding less and less.
Your weekend sounded lovely.