Saturday, August 05, 2006


His first word is mum!!!!!! Isaac is the first of my boys not to say dad as their first word, he has been saying mum mum mum mum mum over and over for the last couple of days, so Im saying this is officially it. Not sure he has put the word mum and me being mum quite together yet, but who cares, he can say mum mum mum mum!!!

The crawling is getting better and better, and he is so chuffed with himself. He is doing the rounds of the lounge checking out all the stuff he has only been able to look longingly at his whole life. Like all babies in this house, he has found the coconut fibre in the pot plant, and just loves it!!!

I saw little Jamie on Kathies blog in his Jolly Jumper and it reminded me I needed some more photos of Isaac in his. He is calling out Hi to Jamie!!! :)

Went shopping today and bought new towels etc for our ensuite - they look fabulous. They are gorgeous coffee coloured country road towels. we went the whole hof and got matching bath mat, hand towel and face washers as well! The best bit was that DH offered to pay for them with some gift vouchers he got for his birthday - gotta love him! (also gotta hope I dont end up with a whipper snipper or something in a couple of months for my birthday lol)

On the scrapping front, its really bizzar, our DT breif is baby LOs, and do you think I can put one together???? Thats all Ive been scrapping for the last 8 months, but when thats what I have to do, its just not happenning. Ive got three LOs started on my desk, but just cant seem to work out those finishing touches for any of them. I hope I can get at least one finished tommorrow (sorry its late Janine!)

Last thing for tonight - we're expecting another baby - well when I say we, I mean we in our street lol! My good friend and neighbour Toni is at the hospital as we speak having her third child. She left at about 6pm with contractions about 5 min apart. Her other labours have been reasonably short so I hoping for the good news before I go to bed.


Ruthy said...

For a minute I was getting excited thinking 'MUM' was the word (wink) LOL! Isn't it just great to hear your bubba boy say MUM!
Congratulations! (sounds like you've got playgroup in the neighbourhood!)
Ruthy x

Shazz said...

awwww nic.....he is such a cutie. thanks for sharing your little man's life with us.
it only seems like yesterday you announced you were having a baby and now look at where you are...???
have a great sunday


Michelle Perry said...

How exciting - isn't it amazing when they call you Mum!