Sunday, August 06, 2006

What a day

What a beautiful day it is here - real spring weather. We spent a couple of hours this morning doing a big clean up - vacumming, washing floors, picking up any thing that isnt suitable to be put into the mouth of a very inquisitive and now on the move 8 1/2 month old.

Had lunch out in the warm sun, and laughed at Isaacs antics as he discovered ants and grass for the first time. His chubby little fingers didnt know what to poke or try to pick up first.

Poor Toni had contractions 3 min apart till 2am this morning when everything decided to stop! She is home today trying to get some rest and start the waiting game all over again. Her little bub obviously just isnt ready for us to meet him yet!

I just got my DT LO finished too. The kids were building lego (as you do when its such a beautiful day!!!) so I went down there with them, and had it finished in half an hour! Decided to kill two birds with one stone and went for the black and white theme as thats the current 'dare' atm.

Make sure you take notice of the 'brush' work in the bottom left of the photo -I DID THAT!!! I worked out how to do brushes in photoshop - yeh for me. Its pretty basic, but I did it!!!

OK my little man has just woken, so we are off for a walk in the beautiful sunshine while Craig puts a leg of lamb on the webber for tea. He is definatley getting good husband points this weekend LOL.


Michelle Perry said...

Poor Toni... I hope bubs makes his or her arrival soon.

Another gorgeous LO Nic, good to see you're starting to Master photoshop - now you'll have to teach me!!