Sunday, October 22, 2006

digi scrapping

Well I didnt get a chance to get any scrapping done! The boys decided to stay home and play cricket instead of fishing. I have however just completed the second lesson in a digi scrapping course being run online by Tracy Watson. As you know Ive been struggling a little (understatement!) with photoshop so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn the finer points. Dont think Ill become a convert (although you never know!) but it will be great for designing my christmas cards and invitations etc. This first LO was just a simple graphic one - learning a few bits about layers etc. I knew most of this, but it was good practice. Next lesson is designing our own PP - I cant wait!

Also thought Id share the invites Ive designed for Isaacs birthday party. They took me such a long time!!!!! So wish Id done this little bit of the course before I attempted them - oh well I got there in the end LOL. I uploaded them and ordered the prints tonight. Should arrive on my doorstep sometime this week.

Lastly I wanted to send the biggest thank you to my friend Kathie. Today I printed out my blog entries of the monthly letters that Ive written to Isaac. I started writing them after reading several of Kathies letters to Jamie on her LOs. With the exception of the first couple of months Ive actually written regularly. It was wonderful to sit down and read through the progress of my little man. The big milestones, and the little moments that may otherwise have been forgotten. So thanks for the inspiration gorgeous - I will be forever grateful! I even sat down and journalled the whole birth experience. I know I did it not long after the actual birth, but it got lost in cyberspace some where I think. I still had the times etc that things happened written down so it was suprisingly easy to fill in the rest. I didnt realise it was still so vividly etched in my mind after 11 months LOL.

Well 'thats all folks' I think two entries in one day is enough for anyone


Anonymous said...

You are so welcome :). I love reading your letters. And you know what? Quite often your writing jogs some memory of mine that I've forgotten about, and I scurry off to write it down. I must go back and read all my letters again.
Love the invitations. Mine aren't nearly so ambitious. Although, I did do them on photoshop. I might load them up on my blog tomorrow.

Nat-Mardon said...

He's such a little cutie! I think many of us have taken some inspiration from Kathie's gorgeous letters, and I always look forward to reading all of yours to your gorgeous little men. I missed writing one the last two months, but Eli turned 5 months yesterday, so today's to do list might have to include some time to sit down and write. Such precious moments, and I just know they will be so treasured to read back on.

The invitations look great Nic, I really can't beleive he's turning one already and how fast this year has flown by!


Lisa Le-Ray said...

Cool attempt at the digital scrapbooking! I don't think I could do that at all! lol! Love the beautiful invites! The journalling is beautiful! You should print out the years worth of letters, create little pockets for them, with his first birthday pic and put it on a LO!>? What a cool gift that would be in his album!

Katie Toland said...

gorgeous nic! Can't believe he's turning one! Your letters have been beautiful. I've loved reading them too.

Ruthy said...

Boy doesn't time fly! I remember you looking gorgeously pregnant about this time last year and following your preggie LO's on ASC and now look your boy is 1yr old!
I remember that wretched hill too on that retreat- never again matey!
I remember taking that shot or at least one like it. It's great to see how everyone has each scrapped this shot. Lots of fun times, all too fast to finish of course! Your LO's are beautiful as always, thanks for sharing them with your blogger audience. Take care
ruthy x