Monday, October 09, 2006

nearly better

after a long week of a miserable little bubba, I think he has finally turned the corner and is on the mend. Today was the first day since last Saturday that he actually ate a reasonable amount, so things are looking up. He was laughing and playing again today - he has just been whinging and clingy while he was unwell. He still has a yukky cough, but that seems to be improving as well. AND ....wait for it..... he slept all night last night!!!

Yesterday was Nathans birthday, so he had a party at home with 5 of his mates from school. It was a pretty hectic three hours, but they all had lots of fun. Nathan wanted a sports theme, so I made the cake into a football, and we had sporty type games. Handball competition, egg & spoon race using golf balls instead of eggs, throwing a tennisball into a basket, donuts on a string, musical statues, a pinata type thingo and Naths favourite pass the parcel. He got some really cool pressies. We gave him a crows gurnsey, money tin with lollies in it, guitar stand & a how to draw(allsorts of things) book. He also got a couple of games, a bike computer, vouchers from a bike shop to buy a new helmet, magnetic sticks and balls, captain underpants book, sketch pad and pencils, over the hedge DVD, Lego, and i think there were a couple of other bits and pieces that cant think of right now. Here are a couple of pics ..the cake...

donut on a string eating competition....

and lastly the all important blowing out of the candles....

It was also fantastic to have Craig home for the day to help out as well. I think he has nearly as much fun as the boys organising some of the games!


On the scrapping front Ive completed another LO for my EDM album. So far so good. Ive done the 3 Family LOs, 3 (+) snapshots LOs, 0 (!) celebrations LOs (still thinking on this one), 1 Home LO. I picked up a few things online that I had been trying to get hold of (MMM fabric paper, CC Rubons, SEI iron alphas) but do you know how hard Im finding it to get hold of some Strano ribbon. Might have to sneak into anyones house that admits to having any and steal scraps out of your bins LOL.
[ Seriously though, if anyone has any un-needed off cuts (in boy colours) I would be happy to pay postage and send you something in return if you can spare any (yeh OK Im getting desperate but its the one sponsor that I have absolutely none of)]


Anonymous said...

Loved the 10 month letter to Isaac!

That football cake is a piece of art woman! Love it.

Hope that the family is all back to good health soon. Poor little Isaac, it sounds like the virus really knocked him around. It's awful when they won't eat, isn't it.

Shazz said...

i am glad to hear that isaac is on the mend nic. there is nothing worse than having a little one ill.
and a very happy birthday to Nathan. it looks (and sounds) like he had a great time with his mates.
and i agree with kathie....that is one cool looking birthday cake - well done mum !!!


Roz said...

oh Nic, the poor little man- glad to hear he is on the up and up.

well you are one awesome party mum!! That cake rocks!!! And the games sound cool!!

Mel Diener said...

Happy birthday Nathan!!! Love the cake.

Great to hear Isaac is feeling better.

Sorry..can't help you with the strano..I don't have ANY.

Nat-Mardon said...

WOW, LOVE that cake Nic!! I'm really no good at the decorating cakes thing, and I have Jai's b'day coming up - and he wants a pirate ship - yiiiikes.... gotta get my thinking hat on how it will work! Your football looks great!!

Sounds like he had a great party too.

and glad to hear that Isaac is feeling better now - nothing worse than sick kids huh (except maybe a sick moaning husband, lol)