Sunday, October 22, 2006

great weekend

so far we have been having a lovely relaxing weekend. I went and spent soemtime with my little sister and her gorgeous girl georgia yesterday, then took the boys to see some model cars racing near her house. They loved them, but thought it was too loud to stay very long - Isaac was the only one not at all bothered by the noise. I didnt feel like cooking tea last night so we gave my mum & dad a ring and headed to the local pub for tea with them.

Today after dramas with the computer this morning (we thought the kids has managed to wreck the cordless mouse while they were playing games online - GRRR we were so cross with them. After a phone call or two to a computer friend ti turns out that the batteries were flat in the mouse - I didnt even know it had batteries!!!! Had to apologise to the kids and tell them it wasnt their fault lol) We went for a drive to whispering wall, and then to the big rocking horse. Had a lovely couple of family hours. I think Craig and the boys are heading off fishing ata local dam a bit later as well. I still havnt managed to get Isaac to sleep, so I might be sitting here while they go fishing and he sleeps - mmmm wonder what I could do to fill in some time ;)

I did this LO Friday. There was an online challenge (on Scrapboxx I think?) to scrap a LO with out a photo. It inspired me to do this. I found this quote a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Its framed (love having a cheap shop close by!) and sitting on my desk. Now all I have to do is tidy and redo the rest of the room. Maybe this will be the catylist for a whole room makeover! maybe not too!

Hope you are all haivng a lovely weekend too.


Anonymous said...

LOL about the cordless mouse. I didn't know they had batteries either!
Hope you got some scrapping done today.

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Love the frame Nic! So cool to able to create handmade stuff like that, makes a room come alive and kinda defines who you are as a person!

Nat-Mardon said...

This is a gorgeous thing to have in your scrap room Nic - I hope it inspires you to get to the rest of the room... maybe I need to make something like this to kick myself up the bum and sort out my room too.