Monday, October 30, 2006


Isaac and I had the loveliest visitors today - Kathie and Jamie came to play! We had a great chat and the boys had a great time playing, once Isaac got over wanting to grab Jamie and kiss him like he does his teddy bear!

Jamie is such a clever little thing at posting, and loved Isaacs rocket shape sorter - he was very good at it too. Its always so cute to see how alike they are in what they doing, and also see the differences as well. I kept telling Isaac to watch and learn. He is quite happy to push the shape in once you sit it there (because thats what his brothers do for him) but he hasnt yet seen the need to do it all himself!
They were so cute to watch. Always checking out what the other one had. Just like Isaac, Jamie didnt take long to find one of the 'big boy' toys. He was fascinated by spiderman. What is it with stuff like this? Isaac has baskets full of toys, but if they are around he will always pick up one of his brothers toys in preference to his own!

I got some yummy muffins from the bakery this morning, and got one each for the boys for after school. I decided to give one to Isaac as well - it was his first muffin and he loved it. He is developing a very sweet tooth for such a little boy! I couldnt believe how fast he gobbled it down!


Johnny Ong said...

good family time indeed

Shazz said...

what gorgeous pics of the boys together nic and as i said on kathie's blog ( FINALLY let me post a comment) you are so luckty that kathie and jamie live close enough to visit and for isaac and jamie to become little buddies.
and what a clever chookie you are becoming with the digi stuff. not my cup of tea but i admire the Los that people scrap digitally.
have a great day


Nat-Mardon said...

Oh aren't they so sweet! So great to have them so close to come and have playdates.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos, Nic. I'm still seriously grumpy about my pink photos, lol! I will have to take the camera in to see what's wrong with it. But maybe this is a sign that it's time to buy a better camera? ;) Hmmmm... a pink sign, but a sign nonetheless?
Great to see you getting comfortable with Photoshop. It's great, isn't it. Once you undrstand about layers and masks, it makes so much more sense.

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Agh what more can I say but they are soooooo cute!!!!

Mel Diener said...

Awwwww, how cute, two of my fav little boys playing so nicely together.

Chris Millar said...

Look how much your boys have both grown!!! They are both adorable! Just been checking out your blog happenings Nic. Looks like you're having fun with digi!