Monday, January 25, 2010

23 months

To my darling girl,

You are just an absolute delight at the moment. Nearly two is such a gorgeous age. You are able to understand and follow directions. You are chatting away, multiple words and short sentences, enough that we understand what you want - most of the time. You are really starting to show your little personality - you know just what you want, and what you don't. The phrase "not" which meant No, has now been replaced with the word "no" or "nope", you enquire as to where the boys or Daddy are, you come looking for us to get something and will begin to raise your voice at us if we don't listen and respond. You squeal with excitement. If we go to visit Auntie Vic, you recognise when we turn into her street, and start squealing excitedly - "Georgia, Bailey, Vic"

You are engaging in more imaginative play. You love putting baby to sleep in her cradle, covering her up, kissing her goodnight, feeding her, undressing the other dolls. You love tea parties and playing n the cubby house - as long as Mummy is out there too! You love reading books, as long as you are in control of when the pages are turned, and how long we chat about each page.

Ive started putting you in knickers each morning - you have had the occasional accident, and so far no success with anything in on potty. But you are dry for those few hours most mornings, and happy to sit on the potty. Occasionally you are even asking to go and sit on there, so we will get there in time. We even found a little pooty for your baby to sit on with you at the op shop - you love putting her on there more than sitting on the potty yourself.

I have been having a lovely time sewing lots of simple little dresses for you. Cool, comfortable, easy for toilet training and oh so cute!

You like things to be in their place. You are always picking up the remotes and bringing them to me, or sitting them back on the cabinet where they belong. You go and shut the bathroom and toilet doors when the boys leave them open all the time. The trouble is during the heat you were also insisting on shutting the bedroom doors and not letting the coolness from the air conditioner in there. I thought I was going mad, I was sure I had them open and every time I turned around they would be shut again - then I worked out my little helper had been busy!

One of your top two year old molars cut through this month, and the other is very close. When you suck your Dummy you dribble so much your shirt ends up saturated. Ive managed to clear up the dribble rash that had appeared a couple of months ago, hopefully it stays away now. I try to keep dummy only for sleep times, but unless I remember to hang your Dummy right out of reach, you manage to get your hand in the cot and pull things until you get it.

Daddy got a surfboard for Christmas, so there have been a few trips to the beach since then. You love the water, and play happily on the beach, never venturing too far away from where we are. While Daddy was giving Isaac a turn on his surf board, you had a go on Kingys. you were a little hesitant, but you layed on the board and held on to catch a little wave! When you get tired, you are happy to curl up for a while in the shade with your Dummy for a little rest. You also love going to Mandy & Johns pool for a swim.

Isaac will start kindy next week - for two days a week there will be only you and I at home. I'm really looking forward to spending some time with just the two of us. You and Isaac are playing together a lot more now - I think you will miss him terribly the days he is away.

The other day Daddy dragged the baby carrier for the bike out of the shed and took you for a ride down our road - you loved it! You had to wear Isaacs Thomas helmet because you dont have one of your own yet.
I'm starting plan for your 2nd birthday party. I think a family show on the weekend, and a girly afternoon tea party for a few of your little friends from playgroup the day after your actual birthday. I love planning parties, and the novelty of choosing girly themes/colours is still such fun!

I love you so much sweetie,

Mummy xxx


Ruth said...

She's gorgeous Nic and you have captured some beautiful shots.

Car said...

What a beautiful post Nic and your subject matter is pretty darn cute too ;)

Janinek said...

Love the letters you do to your kids. Just beautiful.