Monday, January 11, 2010

Its so HOT

It was so hot again today, I'm not sure what it reached where we are, but the city had a top of just under 43 degrees - too hot for much at all, especially when its after days of other really hot weather. Apart from a quick dash to the shops this afternoon, we stayed inside with the curtains drawn and the air conditioner gently cooling the house to a much nicer temperature than that outside - thank goodness for the air conditioner!!!

The kids were all really well behaved considering they were stuck inside all day. I think that the busy weekend of a trip to the beach, a birthday party and then an afternoon/evening at their cousins pool helped them appreciate a little down time. While the older boys played games on their DS and the laptop, and the two little ones both had nice big sleeps, I got in some sewing time...another dress of course!

Its the first time Ive actually followed a pattern. I downloaded and printed off the free Oliver + S sundress pattern. It was pretty simple, although it looks very similar to the little pillowcase dresses Ive been making. I did add a little bobbly ribbon trim to it which looks quite cute.

Its a size 2, and unfortunately a little large to be practical - it will go away for next year I think.


Becky said...

I liked this pattern when I made it.

The only thing I did differnetly to the pattern was not cut the straps on the bias, they still went round the armhole well without using too much fabric.

Your sewing is SUPER GOOD considering you don't follow patterns! I am not game to go it alone and like to have a pattern to follow AT ALL TIMES :) Maybe I will relax on this point as I sew more and gain confidence? I can only hope!

Naomi said...

Love the dress and thanks for the link. Have some cute fabric sitting here and will be giving this a go tomorrow! (Children permitting)

It doesn't look to big though...

Nell said...

So cute! I have made a few of the Oliver and S skirts (very easy) So is all this sewing making a dint in your stash? I am thinking of joining the OPAM project (one project a month) just to finish some stuff!
Will catch up with you soon (once school goes back!)
xxx Nell

Corrie said...

cute what a sweet fabric! huge fan of pretty little dresses and the best thing about sewing for kids is that you can put them away for when they are bigger! my big girl will only wear dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!


clare's craftroom said...

That's a gorgous little dress !

Jennifer said...

That dress is beautiful! I love that you have used the same fabric all over - and the little trim detail - just perfect!

Louise said...

Another lovely dress, your daughter is so lucky :)