Friday, January 15, 2010

cyber window shopping

Ive been doing a little book browsing tonight - so many crafty books I would love to have a look at. I think I might have to print off a list and drop into the library (really soon) and see which ones they can get in for me. You can see my wishlist at the book depository here

Do you own any of the craft books on my wishlist? Are they worth buying? What is your favourite craftbook - you know the one that you have read over and over - Id love to add any that come highly recommended to my list!

Oh and tonight I refashioned this ladies skirt (the one on the left) into a dress for Jazz. They were all op shop finds from the other day, and I couldnt go past the pretty beaded flowers on the skirt. I have plans for a swirling skirt or sundress from the floral dress, and a winter tunic dress from the pin cord skirt. It did make trying to cut the pattern from it a little difficult, but it was such an easy patern to follow, that even with working all that out, it only took about 1 1/2 hours from printing off the pattern to finishing the dress.. I used the Whole Grain baby Raglan Shift Dress pattern. I will post some pics tomorrow of the finished product once Ive had a chance to try it on my little Miss.