Tuesday, January 05, 2010

a little more crafting

Yesterday I felt like doing some more sewing. I received a lovely stack of charm squares as part of a secret Santa swap and decided to use a few to try my first ever disappearing 9 patch block.
It came together really quickly and I love the result. I tried a second one, but I like the combination of fabrics on this one the best. I think I might do a series of these in different colours and make a lap quilt for me.

Last night I decided that it was time to have another go at crochet. You might remember I played around with some granny squares last year. I don't think the combination of the wool and hook size was right and I had a lot of trouble getting a consistent result and keeping the tension even.

I got myself a smaller crochet hook and some pretty cotton/bamboo yarn and decided on another stitch to learn. I set myself up on the bedroom floor with my crochet hook, yarn, scissors and laptop with a YouTube tutorial! My plan was to make a wash cloth, but it was obvious after a couple of rows that it wouldn't be big enough - so after a few practice rows Jacinta's tiny little baby got a sleeping bag!

Today I cast on again (is that what you call it in crochet?) and started my washcloth, only to discover the ball of cotton was not going to be anywhere near long enough! I only got the one, so it will have to wait until I get back to spotlight to get finished. I am getting more comfortable with holding the yarn, and the tension is a lot more even than my practice piece though.

Oh and while I'm sharing craft things, I made this pram liner up the other night to pretty up the stroller I borrowed from my friend.

Its reversible to the striped fabric that I used on a couple of my files.

( I just previewed this post and perhaps I should re-name it -'a little more pink crafting' ! Who would ever have thought I would become such a lover of pink LOL - must have been the surge of girly hormones while I was pregnant with Jacinta !!!)


Nat said...

Love seeing your crafting girl! Its all gorgeous! And yes, you definitely have the pink bug don't you!!

Louise said...

I love the fabric in the d9p, they would look lovely in a lap quilt :) I have tried crocheting but I just can't get the hang of it - I am a knitter at heart I think. It does take aaaaages to knit up dishcloths though, maybe I should have another go at the crochet...