Monday, December 06, 2010

10 random things about today

1. I had a quite a few visits generated from this blog in the last few days. I went to check it out and discovered that my boys apron tutorial has found its way to the other side of the world. In the process I discovered another gorgeous blog to peruse (in my spare time!) AND a link to the perfect printable gift tags. Ive been searching online for some for weeks. How bazaar that I find the perfect ones on this same blog!

2. Here is the (blurry) photo of my kids Christmas space.

3. today was busy, busy, busy. In a good way. We walked Isaac to school transition then visited my mum and Dad on the way home. they had returned from 10 days at a friends - they came home with lots of stuff that was being thrown out of the peoples mothers house. I returned home with a big tin full of lots of crafty bits
- vintage ricrac, buttons and snaps, pinking shears, etc etc etc. AND a vintage Kenwood chef mixer - I always borrow Mums when I need one, so she thought of me straight away. It was going to the op shop, and they were more than happy for it to come live with me instead. Dad has cleaned it all up for me ( don't I have the best Mum & Dad! actually I'm sure I used to tell them that all the time as a teenager - not ! LOL ) I cant wait to get it home. It was a bit heavy to walk back with!

4. Got a measure and quote for some drawers in one of the cupboards in the kids bathroom. Hoping they don't take to long to be made. Four drawers, one each to keep there own stuff - neat and tidy - well realistically probably not, but at least it will be out of my sight!

5. Spent most of the rest of the day crafting with a friend. We made a batch of goats milk and honey soap, I completed two more Christmas gifts - journal covers (and they both fit!!!!), Nell did some hems on her DHs work pants, added the sashing to a quilt top and got it sandwiched and ready to quilt. It was a productive day. The girls were great. We really must do it more often. Sorry, no pics to share, they are all on Nells camera.

6. Walked to pick up Isaac from school and got absolutely saturated on the way home.

So much so, that we all had to change every piece of clothing we were wearing when we got home.
It was still warm, and the kids thought it was so much fun - it made me smile.

7. I hung a load of washing out before I went to pick up Isaac - of course, it rained. a lot.

8. Nathan decided to make some more rocky road for his teacher. He even designed some bag toppers to wrap it with. As he went to open the packet of red and green snakes, with the biggest knife we own, he managed to cut himself instead. A quick call to our after hours GP service, 30 minutes in the car each way, he has 2 stitches across the base of his finger, and a great story to tell at school tomorrow. You could tell it was really hurting him, he kept the pressure on it all the way to the hospital (probably aided by the vision of blood dripping all over the kitchen tiles) and he was super brave. He even let me take a quick pic on the phone (reluctantly) once it was all done.

9. Rang my friend before. It was good to just chat about stuff. I miss her living around the corner.

10. I love this time of night. Everyone else in the house is sleeping. Its just me, and the only quiet uninterrupted time in my whole day. I will probably sit here until midnight or so. Yes its will be hard to open my eyes at 7am tomorrow, but that's a small price to pay for this bit of sanity saving me time!


Christie said...

That downpour looks so fun! And I'm just a teeny bit envious of that awesome craft stash, have fun with it!

red in oz said...

Sounds like such a great day Nic, we got caught in the rain too yesterday, Beth thinks it's great fun :)

The Patchwork Apple- Jane..... Visit said...

What a lovely score! Love the ric-rac and buttons! I remember when my Nanna died all her 'old stuff' (goodies that no-one else liked) was deemed 'for Jane'. Sometimes we can be lucky.

Becky said...

So many adventures at your place :)

AJ said...

What a busy productive day you have had! Thanks for sharing it with us! WAlking in the rain sounds like so much fun! Hope Nathan's finger heals quickly!

My favourite time to blog and unwind is after the house is sleeping...even if it does make me tired the next day!