Saturday, December 18, 2010

on the eigth crafty day of Christmas...

...rainbow rocks

We made these beautiful rainbow rocks yesterday.

Remember the 'soap jumpers' we made a while back, well this was the same process except we used rocks instead of soap. I know its not really Christmasy as such, but I am in the process of finishing off a felted 'pet rock' for the little ones to go in their Christmas stockings, so it sort of counts! I will share a pic once I get them finished.

Originally this was going to be an outside activity. Warm summer morning, big bowls of water under a shady tree - well someone has forgotten to remind mother nature it is in fact summer. We awoke to heavy rain and wind - again!!!! We set ourselves up a cosy spot inside and got felting!

Its quite relaxing sitting there playing in warm soapy water. I'm big on focusing on the process rather than the result, but it was also wonderful to have a craft activity that yielded the same results for a two year old as it does for an adult, in fact, I think that a few of Jacinta's rocks were the most beautiful of all.
There has been counting, stacking, pictures, story telling, sorting, and even fights over who's room they will go in over night.

I can see we will have to add to this little collection over the holidays. I need to get hold of some more coloured wool - the local market where I got the last bag recently closed down unexpectedly :(