Wednesday, December 01, 2010

On the first crafty day of christmas...

...Handmade Gifts for some very special Kindy teachers.

The little man of the house has been very busy helping create some beautiful gifts for his Kindy teachers.

He has been sanding

He has been painting

He has been measuring and cutting

and there is still some gluing and varnishing to go, but this is the result so far - the first of four gorgeous block Christmas trees.

To go with them, they will get 10 ducks (to share) For those of you who know the kindy, a very fitting 'gift' dont you think!

I can't take credit for these fantastic trees - you can find the tutorial here.

PS - yes I was crazy letting him do that in his school sports top after transition the other day! So lucky its not covered in paint! It was the only spare few moments we have had in a very hectic week, and I didn't even think to get him to change.


MY SPACE said...

WOW!!!!!! I am impressed. They are gorgeous and what a great and different gft for the teachers to receive. Special for all involved!

Mamie Girl said...

Love the tree- so cute and LOVE LOVE LOVE the duck gift-great idea !

Unknown said...

Those are gorgeous trees !