Saturday, December 18, 2010

on the ninth day of crafty Christmas...

...the 2010 Santa photo

I was starting to doubt that I would manage to get the kids to see Father Christmas this year, so I was secretly thrilled to spot him in Harvey Norman when we popped in today. They were both happy to sit up and chat and have a photo with him.

We had the freebie HN photo taken, and then they were happy for me to take one with my camera. Well, talk about the worst and most out of focus snap ever!!!! I'm now very glad I decided to order the free photo!

I decided to jump in on the action as well, and of course we couldn't let Daddy miss out ;)

He definitely gets brownie points for agreeing to that request, and for the quick but stress free trip to ikea.

Maybe his Christmas Grinch tendencies were on hold for the day!


Mamie Girl said...

Love your Santa photos. SO JEALOUS you got to go to IKEA!! I love ikea !!