Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 overview

With only hours until the clock ticks over past midnight and the new year begins, I thought it a good time to reflect on 10 things that happened in 2010.

1. During 2010 I challenged myself to record the year through a photo a day. I'm pleased to say apart from a handful of missed (life got in the way) days I managed to do it. I did get behind on the editing and have a few months worth to complete, and then I will turn them into a book. Its a wonderful snap shot of our everyday lives. I did consider doing it again this year, but I was a bit over all the editing. I'm going to do a weekly wrap up instead. Photos and journalling from each week.

2. Once I settled into the routines of having one at high school, one at primary school, one at kindy and one at home we cruised through the year pretty smoothly. I managed to keep on to of all the accounts and paper work associated with each of the kids schools/kindys/sports/music etc

3.Caleb - turned 13 - did really well at his first year of high school. His grades were good, he is never going to be an A student, but if he keeps his grades at this level though high school I will be happy - is captain of his cricket team - played under 14 football - played association cricket and they won the grand final - was confirmed - went on camp to - needed stitches in his lip - got a new surf board -

4. Nathan - turned 12 - had another good solid year at school - played cricket - played football - received his green belt in Karate - completed another year of guitar lessons, with a new teacher - went on camp - needed stitches in his hand -

5. Isaac - turned 5 - learned to ride his bike with out training wheels - went to the Dora concert - spent two days each week at kindy - started swimming lessons - worked out how to swing himself - spent his first night ever without Teddy (who accidentally spent the night in the cubby house!)

6. Jacinta - turned 2 - toilet trained herself - learned to pedal a bike - went to the Dora concert - moved into a single bed - loved visiting Isaac's kindy - enjoyed our girly days together - showed no signs of wanting to give up her dummy - proved you can still talk while doing just about anything! -

7. Me - turned 40 - saw Newton Faulkner - got a speeding ticket - went to the Powderfinger concert - learned how to make soap, pocket dolls, crochet & knit - baked - sewed - crafted - planted a kitchen garden - discovered I had extremely low vit D & iron levels - handmade lots of gifts - made my own diary - made fresh pasta - won tickets to the Dora concert - broke both my cameras with in a week - saw Australia get its first female prime minister - took lots of photos - helped out at kindy - was vice chairperson of the kindy governing council - went to a few 40th & 50ths - helped design and publish a cookbook for kindy -

8. Craig - turned 45 - coached junior colts football - on the junior and senior football committee - has taken on junior director of football next season - went surfing - worked - dreamed of owning his own beach house - sold our rental property - went to the Powderfinger concert - had lots of football meetings -

9. As a family we holidayed at Pt Elliot x 3 & Horsham - visited the beach, whispering wall, the barossa - went for local drives - found the older boys wanting to stay home a lot more often, so taking the little ones out for the occasional Sunday lunch - spent LOTS of time watching the boys various sports -

10.I tried to improve my homemaking skills and do our bit for the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling...despite the lack of understanding/support from others in the household!

So there it is. A quick overview of our year. Here is to 2011 being just as uneventful!


Ruth said...

Reading that, you've all had a great year, Nic. Wishing you every happiness and success in 2011xxx

Becky said...

What a big year!

I don't edit my photos, they are all SOOC which makes it quick and easy.