Thursday, December 30, 2010

on the twelfth crafty day of Christmas...

...Christmas 2010 - Merry Christmas

So I'm a few days late with my final 12 crafty days post and with wishing you all very Merry Christmas! Although its not really crafty, I thought I would share a few more memories of our 2010 Christmas.

1. Pretty much our whole town puts up Christmas lights, and during the festival there are street stalls, craft markets and the living Nativity.

Each of my children have played the part of baby Jesus in the Nativity, and we have all taken various roles in it in the years since.

This year Nathan was the only one who participated. He was a Shepard with his good mate Edward.

2. Christmas Eve we attend our church, the service is put on by the children. Nathan & Isaac took part this year.

It was Isaac's first year, and thankfully I sat down near the front as near to the end of the service I had a little Shepard, eyes welling with tears on my lap telling me he didn't want to be a Shepard any more!

3. After Church we go back to Craig's parents house for a few drinks and presents.

4. Christmas day is spent with family and friends. This year Sabine, Shane & Monice visited Christmas morning. After they left, we popped next door for a drink before heading to my sisters for a lovely casual outdoor lunch.

Dinner was then a 10 min drive away at Craig's sisters. The evening was filled with seafood, swimming & backyard cricket.

5. The days since Christmas have been spent enjoying many of the Christmas gifts that were received.

6. This year my side of the family decided to include the kids in our 'secret Santa' draw. It worked really well and the kids were more than happy to only receive one fact I dint think they really even noticed, as that was what everyone had.

7. We were lucky enough that both my Nanna's could join us for Christmas lunch.
Nanna P (Dads mum) is nearing 95

and Nanna G (Mum's Mum) will be 90 next year.

8. Here is my little Christmas gift stash. An external hard drive and some make up from Craig & the kids, a gorgeous ruffly scarf and soy candle from Sabine, crafty books from my family, some scented sticks and potpourri from MIL, hand cream and a day spa voucher from SIL, and a yummy plate of home baked Christmas biscuits from a friend.