Friday, December 10, 2010

On the fifth crafty day of Christmas...

...the Christmas Cards

For the past 13 years I have sent out handmade Christmas cards to our family and friends. At first they involved cutting and pasting, but these days they are totally digital. I print copies for those that I know like to keep them, and send lots out as e-cards. You can see a post i did last year showing all the cards here

I finally got photos of the kids over the past few days, and this morning made up this quick card for 2010.

There is no group shot....even trying to get the single shots of the boys was like pulling teeth. It took lots of time, lolly pops and making popcorn. At least they were still happy to wear the Santa hat!

Ive printed them, and they are ready to deliver. Tick, another thing off the list!

Oh and here are some that didn't make it to the card...
Jacinta was quite happy to have her photo take, so here are a few faves

The boys however think that even though they pull faces, whinge and whine, close their eyes and wriggle around and don't look at the camera, I should be able to get the Christmas card shot in one photo...NOT


Car said...

lovely card and gorgeous kids!

AJ said...

Lovely Nic! I struggled to get one decent shot of Aden!

Kathy said...

Nic, lovely christmas photos. We have just done the edible christmas trees with the ice cream cones and smarties (this year red and green M&M's). I've posted a picture of the finished product. I love this little christmas activity so thanks again from 2009. Regards Kathy, Brisbane (PS I now have a blog)