Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the tenth crafty day of Christmas...

...all wrapped up

This year Ive gone with kraft paper, string (yep, brown paper packages, tied up with string! {heart}) and a ball of thrifted silver thread.

I REALLY wanted some over sized gift tags to tie on the presents. I found some freebie downloadable ones that I loved, but when I printed a sheet they really weren't very big at all :( As they were a PDF I was unable to resize them.

I decided to make my own. Ive tried a couple of different ideas, but nothing was really coming together like I had imagined. In the end I used a free digital holiday magic kit from shabby princess that I have had for ages. I used the text on this years Christmas cards, so it all goes together - and we know how I like to have things matching LOL

I printed them on some white A4 cardstock and love the slightly faded effect it gives, I think it compliments the muted tones of the wrapped gifts beautifully.


Car said...

Vety nice, I did a mix of butchers paper, brown paper and christmas papers... It definitely doesnt match ;)