Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dribble pot

Isaac is becoming quite a dribble pot lately. He is always chewing on his hands, his fingers or anything else he can manage to keep hold of long enough to get to his mouth...I think he looks just adorable when he is sucking his fingers, chatting away to himself and gives me a cheeky grin all at the same time.

I have been giving him a bit more tummy time lately as well and he is getting quite used to it. He looks so much like Caleb at the same age, with his head up grinning that cheeky little grin.

Thought Id share a few pics I took last week. I cant believe he is four months old already - where did that go?

He also loves sitting on my lap while Im on the computer. He quite often falls asllep in my arms. He is starting to take a lot more notice of the screen too. He was chatting away and smiling at these baby pics of Jamie on Kathies blog the other week. It was just like when we hold him up in front of the mirror - too cute!

Im still feeding him (obviously!!!! breastfeeding I mean LOL) and am getting ready for when he starts on solids. I want to wait as long as I can, but I can see the time drawing nearer - he hasnt really seemed satisfied with just his milk for the last couple of days. I will give it a bit longer in case its just a bit of a growth spurt or something and it settles down again. There is no turning back once the progression to solids is made! I have been getting hold of any fruit or veggies that are in season at the moment and cooking them up, pureeing them and freezing them for when the time comes. Its a veritable gourmet restaurant in the freezer - beans (fresh from grandpas garden), apples, pears, peaches & plums, tomato, sweet pototoe & far! Hope he likes his friut and veg!!!! Its bizzar how when your a scrapbooker you look at things so differently (wierdly obsesed might be a better term LOL) as Im popping the little gourmet (well Im sure Isaac will consider pureed mush gourmet!) goodies out of their ice cube trays and into snap lock bags Im admiring the lovely colours, imagining how I can sit one of each on a plate...mmmm which plate should I use?....... to photograph them, and trying to put together a basic plan in my head about the page I will scrap about them!!!

Just as well most of you who read this are scrappers and I know you will completely understand!!!


Trish Reed said...

Oh what a beautiful Baby Boy you have there!!!!! He's just lovely. Your such a good mum getting all that lovely fresh food prepared for him. Yay for I can totally understand planning the the layout and how you can go a bout it .lol.

kathie said...

Look at that smiley face. I just want to kiss those little chubby cheeks!
LOL, I thought I recognised the screenshot on your 'puter!!
As for solid foods, I'm trying to ignore the fact at the moment. I'm nowhere near as organised as you.

Mel Diener said...

Ahh, how adorable is that little smile.

OMG, how lucky are you managing to keep the solids at bay this long lol. My kids were both such fat gutzes, they were both on solids by about 8 weeks lol.

Shazz said...

oh nic....what a totally adorable little man he is....just look at him....makes me positively weepy just looking at them.
and what a great mummy you are to have all his foods organised for him...
and lol about the scrapping ideas running through your head - i can't turn my scrapping brain off sometimes

Amy Bergman & Steph Caskey Devlin said...

Nic, soooooo cute. So adorababally know what I mean....

Has it really been 4 months, it feels like you were in the shop yesterday.

Steph x

Bye the way love the latest SSDT layout - wonderful.

Roz said...

Oh NIc he's growing up so quickly!! And he's such a gorgeous little boy!

Katie Toland said...

Oh Nic he's beautiful! I love seeing his photos and hearing about his progression.

katie xx

janinek said...

He is such a little cutie Nic. You wait, soon he will be trying to use your computer all the time and you'll wish he wasn't so interested...LOL!!

Ruthy said...

God he's a cutie. Boy it doesn't seem that long ago last retreat (last one for me anyway) that you were pregnant, doesn't time fly.
ruthy x

Lydell Quin said...

This little fellow is way too cute!
Your very organised! Will make it much easier though when he realises he is starving and you realise you don't actually have to cook and puree while he waits!!!

Megan said...

Nic those photos are so sweet! Dribbling is great isn't - I love everything about babies (apart from the no sleeping bit).

Megan xx