Friday, March 31, 2006

Too much MoJo

My head is just spinning with scrapping at the moment - great you might say - well normally I would be extatic about having all this inspiration BUT Im not getting anything finished. Ive got three LO sitting on my scrap desk, from the last couple of days, which are only half finished. I keep getting all these new ideas when Im only half way through a LO, and Im striking while the iron is hot, printing out the pics and getting a start. The unfinished LOs only need to be stuck down, or have a few little finishing touches added but in the same form of the last couple of days Im ready to print out another pic tonight and start yet another. The boys each have a friend over for a sleep over tonight so I should have plenty of scrapping time later - who knows I might even get something finished (if I can find an unoccupied space on my desk!)

The boys had their school sports day today. Umfortunately the running races in the afternoon got rained out, but they got all the tabloid events done in the morning. Just love this shot of Caleb doing the long jump! He got third in the 600m, third in the high jump and came first in his heat of the 100m, so he was pretty happy with himself. Nathan still just gets to play all sorts of 'games' with all the reception, yr 1 & yr 2 kids. He enjoyed it, but he cant wait to be in year 3 next year and get to do all the other events.


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