Sunday, March 12, 2006

They named the new BG after my kids LOL

I thought I was going a bit batty today, when I was writing the materials list on the back of my finished LOs I noticed that two of the baby boy papers are named Isaac & Nathan LOL I had to recheck it three times to make sure I was reading it right! and yes I know Im being way to organised writing the lists straight on, but in my list of goals for this year I promised myself to do it as soon as I finished a LO...we will see how long it lasts! I know I said I would share my LO about my intentions for 2006 BUT the LO had a bit of a run in with the printer!!!! The text ended up half off the page and it was pretty much all finished except for the was unsalvagable...I spat the dummy a chucked it, and havn't got around to re doing it as yet. I have the list though so I guess thats the main thing!

Ive been so inspired over the past couple of days - dont know if its being surrounded by all the yummy new stuff from my last couple of shopping trips or what, but Ive finished four LOs in three days - a pretty unusual thing for me, Im normally a terrible procrastinator! Two I really love, and the other two are OK - dont love them, but I dont not like them either - they are both for Isaacs baby album - I will share when I take some pics tomorrow.

The other two will be the start of my little stash for this years masters. One of my intentions for this year is to put together an entry for this. I dont want to put up all of my LOs and start from scratch, so I thought I would start squirrling away a few so I have a choice when the time comes. Knowing my luck they will have really strict themes or something and none of my LOs will fit them LOL. Speaking of the masters, does anyone know when this years in launched? Realistically I dont think I have any chance of becoming a master, but you have to be in it to win it, and I would be absolutely extatic if I could manage just one little honourable fact I will have achieved my goal by just putting together an entry and sending it in!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Its a public holiday in little old Adelaide tomorrow, all so a few thousand people can go and watch a bunch of horses run around a track. DH works most public holidays anyway, so all it means around here is that I get an extra day to spend with my kids at home - YIPPEE!?!?!?!?! Hopefully I might even get a little more scrapping done.

Night all
Nic xxx


mishell said...

no idea about the Masters lovely - but last year it was due about middle of July- I think-but hey- my memory isn't that good lol

All the best - and- you ahve as much of a chance as anyone! You are one talented chook!


Katie Toland said...

You are a talented chook! And organised too. Had to laugh with the BG/name thing. Thought I was clever with the mm kids set 'Ethan'... and in the same colours as his room. The new BG range is gorgeous! Hope you do get a bit more scrapping done too.
katie xx

Roz said...

LOL @ BG!! That's so cool!!

And you most definately have a chance of masters- everyone who enters does!

I think last year we had to have the entries in by mid July, so I'm guessing it was announced around May??

Mel Diener said... organised are you?? I haven't even thought about Masters yet lol. And knowing my luck, they will announce it when I've got a million deadlines.

I agree with DO have as much chance as anyone, you work is gorgeous.