Sunday, March 05, 2006


Well I had so many plans today, and didn't really achieve much. Ive nearly got my tax finished though, so at least I achieved something. We had a really busy day Saturday and were away from home most of the day. When we got home at about 9pm I bathed Isaac, fed him and headed off to get some much needed sleep myself...the little treasure slept through till 3am - gotta love him!!! BUT the people down the road were having a big party and between the cars roaoring up and down our court, and the drunk people in the middle of the road talking VERY loudly (basically right outside my window) till 12.45am I didnt get my much needed sleep after all! I can't complain, its not as though they do it all the time, or it went particularly late...its just I wish I could have had my sleep.

I got the Jolly Jumper out for Isaac today and he really loved it!!! He had a wonderful time while I folded the washing, and worked out how to use my camera to take video - which was actually a really easy thing to do. Im not sure who had more fun though, Isaac or Caleb and Nathan, who loved getting him to laugh and jump! They really adore their baby brother and Im so greatful for all the help theygive me...most of the time that is LOL.

Gotta go and try and settle my little man to sleep now, he has decided he doesn't like being wrapped to sleep anymore, but is finding it difficult to put himself off to sleep without it. Im sure he will stop yelling and give me one of his heart melting smiles as soon as I walk in the door though - he knows how to wrap me around his little finger already LOL.


kathie said...

Look at him in the jumper. He looks so happy to be "standing" up!
Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep. We have a church behind us that has late night youth group parties (read here, drunken piss-ups) nearly every Saturday night. So I can soooo relate to the hoons roaring up and down the road in their cars, yelling out to each other, smashing beer bottles etc. Yuck! Maddening when you're trying to get to sleep. Hope you get some more sleep soon.

steph caskey devlin said...

That has to be the cheeckiest (is that how you spell that???? lol) little smile I've seen.

Sorry to hear you haven't been getting much sleep. If its not baby its those idiots. Hope you get some shut eye soon.

Steph x

Rach Axton said...

Wow, he looks soooo big!!! Wow, growing up sooo fast!!

Hope you get some sleep soon!!
Rach xx

Katie Toland said...

Hi Nicole! Finally found your blog... and it's the same layout as mine LOL Good taste!

Isaac is so cute, I was just thinking about him the other day. I happy to see your Cheeky layout here, that was one of my favourites! You did such an awsome job - love it.

Had to laugh at your scrap space too, I started off on the kitchen table, then a card table in the spare room, now I'm on a trestle table. One day I too will get my space sorted out, but it's going to be 'quite' a while.

Thanks for popping in to my blog. I'll be sure to check back here often.
Katie xx

Megan said...

Gorgeous photo Nic! What a little cutie you have there.

Good luck with the new settling routine too - I had hassles with that when Charlotte decided she didn't want to be swaddled any more. I have my fingers crossed for you!

Megan xx