Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We're home

We had a wonderful trip away - I will admit it wasn't quite as relaxing as the last couple of years with a little baby to tend to, but it was just fantastic being surrounded by my boys and best friend and her family.

There was lots of eating, swimming in the sea & pool, bike riding - we hired a tandem bike and took the kids on it, eating, fishing, a bit of shopping, eating, talking, drinking and more eating! The first night we just had a chicken and salad as the boys didnt end up getting up there till quite late - they had a flat tire, and when they had finally got the whole station wagon unpacked to change it they discovered the spare was flat too LOL Glad I wasn't there!!! Luckily they were at Pt Wakefield when it happened, and were able to get it pumped up.

Friday Craig took the older two out fishing early and Isaac & I got to have a sleep in. They didn't catch anything big enough to keep, but Nathan managed to catch a pigeon that flew out from under the jetty LOL (For all you pigeon lovers out there it managed to free its self without getting caught on the squid jag!)

Sabine, Pete & Monice went for a bike ride - they have got new mountain bikes and the coolest buggy for Monice to ride in. When I get the photos off her camera I will post one of it. Meanwhile we went into Kadina and got a new tire and the kids had a play on the playground for ages.

There was a bit of rain, but not enought to really cool anything down though. For tea we had a seafood BBQ. 1kg of bug tails, 1 kg of scallops and 1 kg of prawns on the BBQ and a salad - YUMMO!!! Yes we actually managed to get through it all too. Caleb loved the bug tails so he had quite a few of them!

Saturday saw more bike riding and fishing and a swim before we headed off to Kadina to the pub for lunch, and back to the very cool playground for another play. When we got back there was more bike riding, swimming and fishing. I seriously dont know where kids get their energy from - no sooner had they finished one thing they were wanting to do another - one plus though, even thought they went to bed late everynight, they were asleep as soon as their 'sweet' (?) little heads hit the pillows, and they didnt wake to early either. Tea was stuffed baby squid tubes.
We eat really well while we are away!!! Sabine is the bestest was all relatively simple to prepare and cook, but was absolutley delish!!!!

Sunday was looked like it might be quite cool and rainy, but it didn't take long for the temp to start climbing and the cloud to burn away. We all went out fishing on the breakwater, and caught quite a few king george & yellowfin whiting, but unfortunately they were all to small to keep. It was good fun though. There was more bike riding & swimming (its exhausting me just thinking about it all!) I took four mags up to read and only managed to read a few pages.
Caleb & Sabine went fishing on the little rocks in front of our units and Caleb managed to catch a seagull - what is it with birds and fishing line up there??!!! Sabine had to jump in the water and practiacally hold the bird under the water to stop it attacking her while she got it untangled and freed it!! Wish I hadn't been inside feeding Isaac at the time, would have loved to see the whole thing LOL.

While we were in the pool at about 4pm Nathan started crying and saying his ear hurt. It didnt really ease off even after a dose of pain stop. So at 7pm we headed off to the Wallaro hospital to see the doctor. It was an ear infection. (Last year we had to see the doctor with tonsilitis) Luckily it only flared up when it did, he didnt really miss out on anything. He got antibiotics & eardrops and has been fine ever since.

I got back and helped finish tea off - prawn pasta. Then when the kids were in bed we did the usual night time sit around drinking and chatting. It is so nice to go away with friends that you get along with so well, its just so relaxing and you can just be yourself. The conversation is highly amusing, sometimes a little heated, sometimes REALLY deep & meaningful, sometimes serious and sometimes side splittingly funny!!!

Isaac also rolled over from his tummy to his back for the first time on Sunday. I had just given him his bath, and was giving him a bit of a rub when over he went. He looked quite pleased with himself too. We managed to catch it on DVD when he did it again. He hasn't repeated the preformance since we have been home though. He was really good. We took up his little baby swing which he loves. He slept well in the potacot - although he was in our room, ... Im so glad at home he is at the other end of the house - he is such a noisy sleeper. It was nice not having to trapse to the other end of the house to put his dummy in or feed him though!!

Well if your still with me after that your doing really well. Sorry it went on so long, but it was really more to keep a record of the daily events for me and future journalling etc.

Now that Im over the holiday I have to get all my tax ready to do next week (still from 04/05!!!) then Im feeling all inspired about redecorating my scrap room/playroom. I picked up a heap of paint charts and I want to finally get around to strippng back the top of my desk. Im going to paint the bottom in a warm cream colour and leave the top timber. I want to rehash my shelving and sort out all my storage. I have great visions in my head..just hope I can make it all come together!!! My scrap space has been a work in progress. It started on the kitchen bench, then the dining table, then a card table and other bits that I used to have to move from the playroom into my bedroom each day and back out each night, then to my desk. Im a messy worker and I really need to rectify that. I think more organisation will be the key. My desk is a huge old one I picked up a while back so I really dont have any excuse! Check out the pics of my gradual accumulation of scrap stuff and space LOL Hopefully with in the next few months I will have a completed scraproom to post pics of.

Im off to check out a few more of your bloggs now!


Mel Diener said...

Gee Nic...I'm exhausted after reading all that lol. Sooo glad you had a great time, it's so nice to get away and especially with friends.

My mouth has been watering over your cuisine lol. Actually, we had scallop crepes last night coz it was Shrove Tuesday. Wish we could eat like that every day!!!!

Trish Reed said...

Wow Nic that sound like the most terrific holiday. Makes me want one just like it. All that lovely sea food how delicious. I hope you scrap renovations turn out as you hope.

Michelle Perry said...

LOL Go Sabine! That would have been hilarious to see!

What an awesome weekend. Sounds like you had a fantastic time... you've made me so hungry talking about all the yummy things you ate!!

Catch up soon

kathie said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend away. I'm envious of your big scrap desk. I can't wait to find a new house with a spare room I can use for scrapping.
LOL, I still have to do my 04/05 tax too!

Rach Axton said...

Wow great holiday!! and love your two photos of your scrap area.. what a cool idea!