Monday, March 13, 2006


Here are the two LOs from this weekend. TFL!

This was a very quick one I did (it only took about 45min form start to finish!) so I could have somewhere to put Isaacs hospital ID band in his album. I used the prima flowers on three of the four LOs I did this weekend, they are so versitile - even on boy pages, dont know how I lived so long with out any LOL. Must track down some of the next size up in the mixed colours for my stash now!

This one is another quicky to tell the story about Isaac having difficulties settling now he isnt being wrapped, and the things Ive been trying in a bid to help him learn to put himself off to sleep again.

I had actually settled him with his teddy, and when Caleb went in to check on him about an hour later he was still cuddled up with it. Caleb came tearing down to me so excited, and told me to hurry up and get the camera and come with him. (hes learning well about the obsessive photo opportunities that are the nature of the scrapping mummy!!!!!) Admitedly he did look VERY cute!


kathie said...

Awww, he looks soooo cute with that teddy bear. I can't believe that he's in a cot, all "grown up" already, lol. We actually bought a cot for J this weekend. It's still in the flat pack though, lol.
I love those BG papers and the letters are great. Love the LO.

Roz said...

oh how totally adorable!! Fabulous pages Nic! And gee he's growing up fast!!

janinek said...

Hmmmm... I think you have been inspired since your shopping expedition! LOL!! They are gorgeous and I love the photos of Isaac holding his bear, completely adorable

Shazz said...

these are gorgeous los are on fire.
i love the "teddy" lo and the way you have incorporated all the lovely papers.
well done.


Mel Diener said...

You've got Caleb VERY well trained lol.

Isaac looks so adorable all snuggled up with his teddy. OMG, it looks bigger than him lol.

Love both your layouts.

Katie Toland said...

These are gorgeous Nic, love the photos on both of them, he looks so cute cuddled up with his teddy!

Katie xx

Katie Toland said...

Nic, can you let me know your email so I can describe Liam's old room to you, I don't have a photo of it :( But it was cute.
my email is Thanks lovey!

zarischka said...

Awww...! What an AMAZING layout! Sooo sweet and cuddly - just like the pictures!