Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yummy stuff

Well finally my tax is done!!! What a relief, I hate leaving things this late, but being pregnant and having Isaac threw a bit of a spanner in the works so I guess Ill excuse myself this once.

Anyway after the accountant I headed down to Scrapbook Station. Janine has the most awesome range of stuff in there and the best prices!!! I picked up a few little goodies and had a great catch up with Janine. I just had to take a piccie and put on here, cause I so love seeing what everyone else has been buying on their blogs (especially Carol-lea, what a shop-a-holic LOL Id love to see her scraproom!!!) I love the new basic grey boys stuff, and the rubons are just to die for! Some chipboard, and my first ever primas!!! I dont know how I resisted the urge for so long to get some of these, they are just so gorgeous. I know they are probably a bit 'old hat' now but who cares LOL. Unfortunately they had sold out of the medium sized ones in the mixed colours , so I could only get the tiny ones. Some chatterbox papers and a few other bits and bobs! Cant wait to get scrapping - hopefully I will have some time tomorrow.

Well thats about all for now...no LOs I know but at least its an update for you Janine LOL!!!!!!!

Nic xxx

PS I also got Isaac one of those baby sleeping bag thingies - hopefully this will help him settle better now that he doesn't want to be wrapped. It will also stop him kicking off his rugs and ending up feeling like an icecube like last night! Hang on and Ill go take a photo............................................he looks so cute and snuggly! It makes me laugh how he sleeps all spead eagle like this - I think it has something to do with being wrapped up like a mummy for 3 1/2 months, now he figures he will spread right out just because he can.
Night night my sweet little bubby -night night, sleep tight, dont let the bedbugs bite! xxxxx


Michelle Perry said...

Those little sleeping bags are just fantastic! He looks just adorable Nic.

So now that you've been to Scrapbook Station, I bet there's nothing left for me when I go down there today!!! LOL!! Catch up soon!

Roz said...

LOL, yes, you should see Carol-lea's scrap shop...oh, I mean room....lol

OMG how gorgeous is he in the sleeping bag....and spread eagled lol!!

Lydell said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today, I love getting new comments. it's generally only Steph and Janine!
Isaac looks very relaxed in his new sleeping bag! I dress Mykenzie in woolly pyjamas too even though it's still warm, she wakes feeling so cold!
Nice to hear from you anyway, we have been on the SS design team for ages but have never met.


Katie Toland said...

Hi Nic. ooooh good to see you've been shopping. I see you and I bought some similar stuff. I'd love to see Carol-lea's scrap 'shop' too!

Isaac looks so big in there! Not what you want to hear I'm sure LOL. The sleeping bags are great. I find my boys both slept so much better in them, as they were not getting cold and waking up. Hope he sleeps well for you :)
katie xx

kathie said...

What a little sweetie :)

Love all your new stuff. I'm so jealous though, I really really want some of the new BG boys stuff but I bought so much stuff when Jamie was born and haven't had time to scrap with it yet.

So, I ask myself, what am I doing here, lol? Betta go scrap!

Mel Diener said...

I couldn't get by without a sleeping bag for my girls..they are so great hey!!!

Glad your rotten tax is done...I am so far behind on ours, but the thought of doing it makes me cringe lol.

Yummo.....dont' ya just looooovvveee shopping. You've got some gorgeous things in that stash..hmmmm, might have to come raid it rofl.

Ruth clarke said...

You lucky lucky duck LOL! You got your hands on that BG new stuff. I put an order in last night for it, can't wait till I get it. I chose some of the same papers as you have. Love those new rub on's too.
Your baby looks so sweet.

Janine Koczwara said...

Gee, its taken me this long to find this one! Been in hospital with E since Wed and haven't been blog surfing! Thanks for letting me cuddle Isaac the other day. Dress him in pink and it would definately make me clucky! LOL!!!
Can't wait to see your creations.