Sunday, May 28, 2006


Well I thought that I was being a little optimistic hoping a bottle of formula might solve the sleeping problem!!! We didnt need a feed through the night, so I guess thats one good thing, but he still woke every couple of hours, and only settled when I got up, stumbled down to the other end of the house, and put the wreched dummy back in.

My other boys were fantastic sleepers. They were sleeping from 6pm - 6am by three months. Im running out of ideas. He does have bulging gums, so suspect that may be playing a part, but this was happening long before the teeth issue came up. If anyone has any 'in my experience' type of advice, Id love to hear it! He isnt screaming in the night (thank goodness) but he wakes and talks really loudly, eventually this turns to whinging, which continues until I go and put the dummy back in.

Tonight we are trying out bonjella, and another bottle of formula. Im actually coping quite well with the broken sleep, but its just getting annoying now. Id really like to try and get it sorted before Ive got a two year old waking all night!


kathie said...

It may be the teeth? Jamie has his top teeth cutting through at the moment and he's been feeding really frequently, and waking during the night. I hope the forumla and bonjella do the trick for you. And next time you're up in the middle of the night feeding him, remember that my light is probably on too and I'm doing exactly the same thing. Along with hundreds of mums across the country :). Hang in there.

janinek said...

My second son Cam was awful through the nights from 3 months to 8 months due to teething. My next door neighbour put me onto a pain relief called "pain stop" and it was fantastic!! The nights I gave him that before bed he slept 6 hours straight instead of his customary 2-3 hours. If it is the teeth I'm sure Isaac will grow out of this and you wont have problems with a waking toddler!

Anonymous said...

If You give Issac pain stop for his teeth i'll smack your fingers

Katie Toland said...

^ who was that, and what did it mean? LOL

The only thing I did was turn the monitor down a little so it only woke me when he really cried, not just the conversation and grizzle thing. (but maybe I'm a mean mummy LOL) Good luck!

Nic Wood said...

Dont worry about that other comment, it was just from my sister Jodi (not the one that just had the baby, the one with the three kids) She just rang to tell me she checked out my blog and left a funny comment - wierdo!!! I told her that its a good way to offend people leaving annonymous comments, She apologises, and didnt mean to offend any one. She was just saying since he isnt actually screaming with pain perhaps pain stop at this point might be over kill.

Janine - I do have pain stop in my cupboard though and it is fantastic stuff for severe pain!
Nic xxx

Jodi said...

This is just Nic's sister,apologising if I had offended anyone with my comment about Isaacs sleepless nights.Totally unintentional if I have ,.sorry.