Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Day In My Life

Be warned this is VERY long. I really wanted a detailed look at our day to tuck away for Isaac to look back on and I only wanted to type it all out once. Sorry thats its not really all that exciting either!
A record of a typical day - Mummy & Isaac (5 1/2 months)
Wednesday 3rd May 2006

4.00am Get up and breastfeed Isaac.
Ive already had to get up a couple of times in the night to put your dummy back in

4.20am - 4.30am Im back in bed listening to you talking loudly to yourself.
I hope you dont wake everyone else. I pulled your door over, so its not as loud

4.30am We both fall asleep

6.00am Im woken by the sound of you talking loudly again!
Daddy is getting up anyway so I stay in bed till seven, hoping to get a little more sleep. I dont know why I bothered, you are talking loudly still and so is everyone else. I lay there anyway.

7.00am Shower for me while Dads still here

7.15am Pick you up out of your rocker for good morning cuddles and kisses. I smell straight away that you need a nappy change.

Why is it that no one else noticed that??? I put on a clean nappy and get you dressed.

7.30am Put a muffin in the toaster, while it cooks I wash a few dishes left from last night, pack the dishwasher & put away everyone elses brekfast stuff. I remind the boys to finish getting dressed and put their lunches in their bags.

7.45am - 8.00am Eat my breakfast while Nath sits with you to keep you amused. Have a quick flick through the paper while I eat.

8.00am Breastfeed
I know its supposed to be a nice peaceful time for the two of us, but I find Im nagging the boys to finish getting ready..still!

8.20am I lay you on your playmat with your toys while I get my shoes and jacket. I walk past the boys room - that was supposed to be cleaned up..WHAT A MESS..let them know we are not going to school till its cleaned up.

8.25am Check emails while the boys get their room tidied. There is some sort of altication and Nathan ends up in tears - what else is new. I send Nathan out while caleb does his side first. If they just went in and did it, it would only have taken them about 2 min. GGRRR Hurry Up!!!

8.35am Its done. Caleb carries Isaac out to the car for me while I help Nathan pick up the last couple of things.

8.40am Drop off boys at school

8.45am Home again. Make a quick phone call to the caravan park to book an extra night- get the answering machine, leave a message...again. I rang them yesterday and they still havnt called me back.

8.50am Make your breakfast. Pureed pear, rice cereal & natural yoghurt.

9.00am Feed you. Of course my call is returned today while Im feeding you. At least our extra night was available.

9.15am Kisses, cuddles and songs. You love twinkle little star, hey diddle diddle, galumph, round and round the garden & this little piggy

9.25am Bed time for bubbies! Put on your washing. How does someone so little have so much washing??? I have to pop in and out twice to put your dummy back in so you can settle off to sleep.

9.35am You are asleep. Time for a coffee - finally. While I make my coffee I put away the few dishes I washed earlier, put your breaky stuff in the dishwasher, put away the newspaper, placemats etc and wipe down the table and benches, put the toaster away. At 9.50am I finally sit down to actually drink my coffee. I flick the TV on to watch a bit of 9am.

10.00am Sweep floors & do a quick pick up arpound lounge/kitchen. Get side tracked in the office - check emails. There is a flash of excitement as I see an message from SM -short lived - a rejection for my little princess LO. Go back to picking up.

10.20 You cry out - dummy back in and you settle straight back to sleep. Put on some potatoes to boil. Im going to make tuna patties for tea. The boys have football training tonight so if I get organised you and I should have a couple of hours of peace and quiet. They have jumper presentaions after training so they will be gone from about 4.45pm -7.15pm. They can have patties if they are still hungry when they get home. Must remember to take out a bit of potatoe for you to have with your tea.

10.30am On the computer...again. Need to burn a heap of photos to disc to get printed. You stir again and I pop your dummy back in.

10.40am GGRRRR computers. I have new versions of all my programms and Im still learning how they work. You are talking to teddy - loudly..I try your dummy one last time, but Im not hopeful.

10.50am Give up on you going back to sleep, and get you up. you sit on my lap in the office while I still try to get this disc done.

11.05am Lay you on your playmat while I turn off the potatoes and get a cover for the disc that is finally done. Your NOT impressed, and want to be picked back up. You stop crying and lugh the second my hands start to lift you up - cheeky monkey. You sit on my lap while we finish sorting out the photo order. Whata saga...its finished when I realise the order form is over a year old. Back online to dowload a new one, get stuck checking out their site and you fall asleep on my knee - you wake as soon as I try to put you down though.

12.oo Cook up some mushrooms, tomato, capsicum soy and garlic with rice left over from tea lat night YUMMO. You sit in the beanbag and watch. I talk to Toni on the phone while I cook.

12.20pm eat lunch with you watching, grunting and reaching for my plate.

12.35pm Breastfeed. You finish really quickly and dont seem all that satisfied. I think it it might be nearly time for something a little more substantial in the middle of the day as well. We have playtime - singing songs, giggling, tickiling, laughing - you are so precious!

12.50pm We go out in the fresh air and pick up the mail. More cuddles before your sleep. Read the mail.

1.15pm Sleeptime. You settle straight away. I check my emails, and try downloading some songs Daddy bought online. The first one is fine, but it wont let my do any more...same as last night GGRR

1.25pm Tidy up lunch stuff & make tuna patties & a pot of vegie soup. Put wood on the fire.

2.25pm - You stir -put dummy in, it lets me download one more song.

2.30pm Finish chopping soup vegies. Wash dishes again.

2.45pm Your still not settling so I get you up. Sit and have a cuddle. As I sit a million things are running through my mind. I still have to..... get washing out of the drier, fold the other washing, give the bathrooms a quick clean - the cleaner has hurt her back and cant come till next week (I have a cleaner come in and do my bathrooms once a fortnight - LOVE IT!!!) cook the patties - oops forgot to take some pototo out for you, post off photo order...

I plant another million kisses on your sweet smelling head...

...get Nath a mouth guard for footy,, pick up Dillon from school as well, get milk & lunch meat...the list doesnt seem to be getting any shorter !

3.00pm Jackets on and pick up the boys. Buy Naths mouthguard.

3.40pm Home. Check diaries, read newsletter, remind the boys to hurry up and get out of their uniforms and into their footy gear - which of course they cant find because they didnt put it away in the right place!!!

4.00pm Breastfeed

4.15pm Grandma & Grandpa call in for a coffee. I have to get G'pa to run me down the street to get milk, and a few other bits and pieces. You stay and have a cuddle with G'ma. Craig and the boys are leaving just as we get home again.

5.15pm I get your tea ready - chicken, carrot, peas & sweet potato. You are just loving your food. While its heating up I finish packing the diswasher& turn it on, pack away the dishes that I washed earlier, get your clothes out of the drier.

5.25pm Tea time for you.

5.35pm Cook the patties - so much for being organised - while you sit in your rocker and play with a toy. I move you into the kitchen because you start getting cranky when you cant see me. I realise you smell again. Turn off the stove, change your nappy and lay you in front of the fire for a kick around. Put more wood on the fire, put the second lot of patties on. Your sooking again. I pick you up and hold you while I finish up.

5.55pm I run your bath and you cry again cause I left you on the floor. Your so not used to being left by yourself. usually one of the boys come running to amuse you, as soon as you call!

6.00pm Bathtime. and a massage in front of the fire. You cry as soon as I put you down, very unlike you to be so clingy and cry this much. I tidy the kitchen, sort the recycling and dish up my tea while Im holding you.

6.25pm We sit on the lounge together while I eat tea and watch the weather. You seem really tired. I realise why, and why your a bit out of sorts - you didnt have a late afternoon nap because G'ma & G'pa were here

6.35pm Breastfeed

6.50pm I put your sleeping bag on, big hugs and kisses and into bed. Nighty night sweetpea!

6.55pm pack up your toys and playmat

7.00pm sit down to watch home and away

7.05pm remember I havnt emailed through my fruit and veg order. Go and do it.

7.10pm Boys arrive home from footy. Caleb comes home with out his BRAND NEW footy boots :( someone else picked them up. I take a deep breath and remain calm...and no they didnt have his name on them - so of course that would make it my fault!!! Hopefully they are returned on Saturday.

7.25pm The boys are showered and hungry. Get them some eggs and cheese on toast

7.35pm Put the patties on to warm up. Make school lunches - Pita pockets with corn relish dip, grated cheese & grated carrot. Give the boys a pattie to try. Let Craig know his are ready.

7.45pm Wash dishes, stack the things that go in the dishwasher, in the hope that the dishes fairy might come and unpack the dishwasher and put them in! Wipe down the benches/table etc. Put soup away in the fridge.

8.00pm Sit down to watch the end of beyond tomorrow with Caleb & Nath. I would rather they went to bed, but Craig had said they could watch it.

8.15pm Craig wants help with something on the computer. Help him then manage to download one more song LOL thats three for the day. It will only take a couple of days to get his 12 songs at this rate!

8.25pm Just as I sit back down Craig wants to know how to lsten to the downloaded tracks. get up and show him, lay back on lounge.

8.35pm Boys brush teeth, kisses and off to bed. they both go straight to sleep. I sit down to watch Prison Break

9.05pm I boil the kettle, sterilise the new non spill spouts for Isaac to try tomorrow. Fill a bottle with boiled water and put in fridge. Hopefully you will drink some water tomorrow after you meals.

9.25pm Check emails, blogs, do a tag, manage to download one more song.

10.40pm Time for bed.

Have to search for clean PJs cause I didnt get the washing folded.

Kiss Craig goodnight xxx

have a peek at the photos I printed yesterday.

Get an idea for a LO - jot down some notes.

Brush teeth and check the kids

mmmmmmmm its 11.00pm - lights out!


kathie said...

It feels like you do nothing, until you write it all down, hey!
I found myself nodding my head so many times:
- why does the telephone *always* ring while you're breastfeeding?
- lovin' this little piggy too
- don't you feel bad when they reach for your plate while you're eating!
I was envious of your three and a half hour feeds, and hour and a half sleeps. We manage 45 min sleeps (do you know how fast that goes when you're trying to scrap?) and 2.5 hour feeds. But we get a full night's sleep so I'm not complaining. It's all swings and roundabouts, isn't it.

Roz said...

OMG Nic, I am exhausted just reading this!! phew! I bet you sleep well when you do sleep!

But how wonderful that you've written it all down- all men should read this, and times it by 365 days a year!

janinek said...

Yep, that pretty much sums up the day of a SAHM!!

steph caskey devlin said...

Nic, yep. Today - Everyday. But you know what, we wouldn't have it any other way - how blessed are we....

You have written it - now you have to scrap it.....

Steph x