Wednesday, May 24, 2006

knock knock

I'm going visiting in cyber space. Ive decided to go and check out some blogs that Ive never been to before, and make the effort to make a comment and say Hi. So watch out anyone that is linked from any of the blogs I frequent LOL. Not that any one will actually know who I am, but its kinda cool when a complete stranger drops by here and says Hi (although some droppers by are stranger than others LOL) so I thought Id venture out into the big wide blog world and do the same!

Back to something a little less uninteresting to everyone else (I know who cares whos blog Im viisting if its not yours!) little man...well I think he is really interesting anyway. After his yucky few days last week he seemed to be back to his usual happy self , he didnt come down with anything, so I thought it must be just one of those things...until last night. I was up most of the night with him. He just wouldnt settle, and when he finally drifted off it was only for 30min or so at a time. Its just so frustrating not knowing what the problem is. At about 3am I even resorted to a dose of panadol - this seemed to help a little, but he was still really restless. Hopefully tonight will be a better night.

Got to see my gorgeous little niece Georgia Charlie tonight when she dropped by with her Mummy and Daddy for a quick visit. She is just so tiny - Isaac looks like such a big boofer next to her. All is going well for them, and they seem to be settling in to parenthood really easily. It helps that she is such a good baby so far as well. In fact I think they are getting more sleep than me at the moment LOL.

Big Congratulations to Nat on the arrival of her precious little bundle, Elijah Christopher. Beautiful name isnt it.

I got a little more of Isaacs room done this afternoon. The lampshade is now covered in matching fabric. I should have everything finished by the time he starts school LOL. My next project is some art works for the walls, and the knobs on his chest of drawers. Cant decide between pics from his quilt, or painted canvases for the walls, and I want to make knobs in the shape of stars for the drawers.

OK must go wake my little precious (he is precious right now, but if Im up all night again I might have come up with a new name LOL) and give him a feed before I hit the sack and try for a good nights sleep - ROTFLMAO, whats that!!!!!!!!


kathie said...

Ah you poor sleep deprived mummy. I hope Isaac is good to you tonight. Maybe he's teething (tee hee hee, that's everyone's answer for everything, isn't it? thought you'd appreciate it!) Seriously, I hope things settle down soon.

janinek said...

Hope things are improving with Isaac. Nothing worse than not knowing what is wrong or how to fix it! Have fun blog hopping as well!

steph caskey devlin said...

Hey Nicole,
I really hope you get some sleep, you poor deprived mummy!!! I remember those days well, and with any luck we will be blessed with another little one one day. Hope Isaac gets some shut eye soon.

Steph x