Monday, May 15, 2006

Today is the day

Well my little sister is in labour as we speak!!! Good luck blic!!! I will update once she has the bub! Im VERY excited!!!

OK Happy Mothers day to everyone for yesterday. I hope you all had an awesome day and got spoilt rotten - thats what its supposed to be all about isnt it (did you catch the hint of sarcasm in my voice there!) I don't think I even got a cup of coffee made for me yesterday, it was about the farthest from being spoilt Ive ever been. The kids did give me some lovely pressies and cards from school. I even printed out a really cute card for Isaac to give me...but no one even bothered to write in it. We did have a yummy lunch at my mums though - loud and chaotic with the six kids, but nice to all be together. Vic popped in after lunch for one last pat of that gorgeous bump of hers, before having to go in to be induced last night.

I wanted to give my mum a copy of one of the photos of my sisters three kids and one of my three for mothers day. Of course I left it till yesterday morning to try and take the photos of my lot. What a debarcle. You would think Id asked them to chop their heads off or something, not just get changed and tidy up for some photos. After much carry on, I managed to get some pics, but Im far from happy with them...I think I might have to update them really soon!!! They were rushed, not even close to being nice and crisp and clear, Caleb refused to wear anything but an un ironed pair of jeans (in the end I just took the pics cause I was so over arguing about it all...what happened to giving mum a break sionce it was mothers day????) I then realised I still had no editing programme that I actully know how to use - GGGRRRRR what a morning. Here is the one I ended up with. Mum loved it, so I guess thats the main thing!

My neighbour popped in, as her kids were watching this all happen (another part of the saga, cause they had all been outside playing together) and I got her to take a shot of me and the boys. Unfortunately its out of focus, but at least I have something to remember the day by LOL!!!

I got the wall in Isaacs room finished on Friday and put the cot up Saturday. I just love the linen that Ive got for the room, and the paint on the feature wall matches the curtains exactly (quite by accident). I will take some pics of the room when Ive finished adding all the little bits and pieces. Ive always wanted to fully decorate a babies room and Im having heaps of fun doing this. Ive picked a theme that should see him through for quite a while. The cot set etc is in blues, greens and a touch of deep orange, with an outerspace theme. Its an old pattern from pumpkin patch. After many phone calls last week I managed to track down two cot valances in this pattern as well. Ive never really been into these and was going to cut them up and use the fabric for other trims in the room, but I tried one on the cot, and I really love it!!!! I will still cut the other one up and use it to trim the curtains, lampshade, and a blanket for the single bed thats in the nursery. I think I will use stars to accessorise for now, after all he is still just a baby, and then as he gets older we can change elements to show more of the little spacemen/aliens etc from the quilt. I want to get a heap of those stick on glow in the dark stars, but do you think I can find them anywhere atm...always the way isnt it...the cheap shops always have them..till you want them LOL.

OK Im off to sit and wait for THE phone call - I so want to go visit my new niece or nephew. Ive got my money on it being a boy...but you never know!!! I have three boys, and my middle sister has one girl and two boys, so for Jessies sake it would be lovely to have another girl. It would also be nice if it was a boy though, so Isaac & Riley have another little mate to grow up with. Time will tell!!!!

PS THANK YOU all so much for dropping me a note on that last post. Its awesome to see who is dropping by, and please dont appologise for not leaving comments, its just nice to know that you bother to come see whats happening in my little world. So if you havn't added your name to the last post please do, I want to see how long I can get the list now LOL!


Katie Toland said...

Ohhh how exciting, keep us posted!! Watch your hits grow today as I keep checking back in LOL

Great job with the photos!!! Well done, no wonder your mum loved it. Love the one with you in there too.

Nat-Mardon said...

Gosh Nic, your older two certainly look alike these days!

Isaac's room sounds GREAT! Can't wait to see the photos when you've finished. Don't forget to show us now :)

I can't wait to decorate my baby's room. I'm waiting to see what it is though... unfortunately I cant paint walls as we're renting, but shall go with the curtains, quilt cover, rug and wall hangings etc...