Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I went to visit my little sister yesterday and wanted to share this pic of Isaac and her.

Im sure the babbling coming out of his mouth can be translated to " hurry up and come out of there so we can play"

She is 40 weeks pregnant (she was due on the 7th) and so over being pregnant. She looks absolutely gorgeous though, I wish my bump was a nice neat little package like that at term!!!

I spoke to her today and she is booked in to be induced Sunday night if bubs hasnt arrived by then! This is her first baby, and Im SO excited about becoming an auntie agian, and seeing her and her DH finally become parents- they will make a fantastic mummy and daddy!!!

I took a few other shots of her and her belly - what a task - she hates having her photots taken. Ive been trying to edit them, but Im struggling big time even trying to resize or recolour a pic in photoshop...Ill keep on plodding away, surely it has to get easier! I even hit the point today of trying to track down the disc of iphoto express that I had on here before - it couldnt do much editing wise, but at least I knew how to use it LOL.

Isaac has taken to solids like a duck to water. In just two weeks we progressed from a few spoons of rice cereal to a decent serving of pureed chicken and vegies. Ive only found one thing so far that he refused to eat - chicken livers. they were mixed in with vegies, but there was no way he was eating more than the very first taste!!! He has pureed fruit and natural yoghurt for breaky and mixed vegies, somtimes with pureed chicken or beef or ricotta cheese, for dinner.

I had forgotten what a delightful age this is. He is such a happy baby and is becoming so responsive to us now. His brothers have him in absolute histerical laughter sometimes. He is becoming more aware of other people too. a friend dropped by this afternoon - there was no way he was going to crack a smile for her. His little face was so serious - till a gave him a little tickle LOL it didnt take much for his eyes to light up and a gorgeous grin to appear. He has started blowing rasberries too. Caleb is sure it was him who taught him how to do it LOL. It is so cute EXCEPT for yesterday when he decided to try it while eating his dinner - YUK what a mess - how do you convince a 5 1/2 month old that its not OK to do that to poor mummy?!?!?!

(Touch wood) we havnt had a regular night time feed since last Wednesday. I just get up and put the dummy back in. He is feeding at 6-7pm and then going through till about 5-6am This morning it was about 4.15am though,(thats not morning, definately a night feed!) and we had a really unsettled night too - teeth maybe???? cant feel anything though. Who knows, hopefully tonight is better. Im knid of past worrying about the slepp deprivation thing now. I think Im used to it - I never thought I would ever say that LOL

I just love reading Kathies blog. Isaac and Jamie are very close in age, and she has such an amazing way with words. Its almost like Im reading about what my own little angel is going through. She has really inspired me to take the time to try and become a better writer. Ive decided to lift her idea of a very simple LO with a letter. Kathie writes to J every month, but I think once every six months will be a big enough challenge for me for now. I will share my six month letter and LO once its finished.

I finally got around to using the voucher I won ages ago in the aus scrap idol contest and had a hundred of Isaacs pictures printed up. It was actually quite bizzarr seeing 'proper' pics again. Many of these Ive never printed up, and have only seen on the computer screen. For some reason I decided to get them done in 5"x7" though, so now I have to track down an album that they will fit in.

I havnt got any LOs to share cause I havnt scrapped a thing in about the last two and a half weeks. Ive got one on my desk 3/4 finished but havnt had the time or the inclination to get to it. The last day or so Ive been getting itchy feet and wanting to get back to it though - hopefully tomorrow I might get a chance. I found that its just not worth even trying to scrap when the motivation isnt there.


kathie said...

LOL about the raspberries. Aren't they so cute. And they have this little look that just has "aren't I so clever?" stamped all over it. Thanks for the nice things you said about my blog :)

Your sister looks stunning. But I remember only too well how uncomfortable it got at the end and so I am hoping that little bubs decides to make its entrance soon.