Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hark - who goes there???

Ok like everyone else who has a counter on there blog, that ticks away steadily each and every day, Im really starting to become curious as to who it is that comes to visit me in my little blog world. Please , please, please if you are reading this and it is somewhere between Wednesday 10th - Wednesday 17th May, could you leave me a quick message - just a simple Hi will do! so I can satisfy my curiosity.
Nic xxx

PS No scrapping done again today, started cleaning out Isaccs room ready to paint the wall, and do a little decorating before I make the big move into a cot!!!

***Edit - Thanks so much for those of you who have left a message. Im looking forward to visiting some of your blogs soon (if I dont already) Ive extended this for the whole week, Im loving finding out who is popping by.


Muz and Gayle said...

Hey Nic...just checking in to tell you I read your blog..hope you don't mind. Haven't chatted with you since we were buddies on that was a while ago!
Great to see things are doing well.
GAyle Smith

kathie said...

Hallo! It's me. But you already know that I come by here routinely.
Hah! We put the cot up on the weekend too. But the mattress I bought it too big so it'll have to go back to Target. That'll have to wait until tomorrow night, coz there's some things that are impossible to do with a baby in tow. And carrying a mattress is one of them! I hope the transition from cradle to cot is painless.


Sara Pearcy said...

Hi Nic... I'm just dropping through your blog from Mel D's. Love the photo in the last post.

I think I caught up with you once at a retreat (Oct 05).


Ali :-) said...

Hey Nic!

I read!!! Every day in fact! ;o) Just slack with the commenting LOL

Take care!
Ali :)

Ruth said...

Just got here today for the first time and I will call back in again :-)
I try to leave a comment when I visit someones blog as I too wonder where are all the people who visit mine lol
Have a cool day

janinek said...


Leanne said...

Hi Nic, I come here often and have a sticky beak :)

Lydell said...

Just me!

steph caskey devlin said...

Nic - I usually drop in and lurk just too see what you have been up to. I enjoy hearing about your gorg little man and how he is growing up so fast.
Its lovely to know how strong your friendship is with Kathie and her little boy, and the way you two can share so much.

Steph xx

Shazz said...

hello nic....well you know i drop by on occasion and leave a bit of a "shazzie waffle" - and one day VERY soon i am gonna get your blog linked to mine...
keep on posting pics of your gorgeous seeing your work and following the exploits of isaac and the boys.
have a happy mother's day


Katie Toland said...

Hi, me too, but you know that :)

Can't believe Isaac (or Jamie) are still in the cradles. I moved my boys at about 8 weeks, only cos they were snoring and anoying me. (the cradle was in my room - the cot in theirs)

Katie Toland said...

Opps, should add ... HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

Trish Reed said...

Hey Nic you know I visit as your so awesome!!!!!

Scott said...

just peeeking in

kate mason said...

hey nic - this event should be scrapped in itself - kate mason leaving a comment!!!! i'm at work & the boss (dad) isn't here so thought i would just drop in to check on your sisters progress - so there you go darl, another lurker for your stats. congratulations to your sister - another little georgia!!!! how cute! and i love the name charlie too. if i do have a girl it'll be charlotte but definitely charlie for short. but of course we don't know whether or not it'll be a girl or not now do we? he he. hope to catch up soon xo