Thursday, May 18, 2006

Six months old

19th May will see my little man turn six months old. Its hard to believe how fast time goes past. I took a few pics today for a LO, which I hope to do tomorrow, and I will use my letter to him on it as well.

My little Sweetpea…

A mere six months have passed since we were blessed with your arrival. That’s not even three quarters of the time I was pregnant with you, and yet, I couldn't imagine our lives with out you in it.

The last few weeks I carried you with in me, felt like an eternity. It seemed forever until I would finally hold you close to me, feel your soft newborn skin, smell your sweet scent, finally kiss you and tell you how much I loved you, face to face, for the very first time.

The day arrived. I was in awe. As they placed you on my belly, you looked so divinely perfect. The photos show your skin tinged with blue, your eyes puffy, and your body smeared with blood. But, in my eyes, at that moment in time, you couldn’t have looked more beautiful. As you suckled at my breast, instinctively knowing what you needed to do, you looked up at me. A tear welled in my eye, I knew that I would love you unconditionally forever.

As days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, you’ve thrived. You have found a special niche in each of our hearts.

The bond of love between you and your brothers grows stronger by the day. They can always bring a smile to your face, or comfort you when you are tired. They rush to you when you ‘call’ offering a toy, a tickle or your dummy. They are surprising in tune with your needs. You are lucky to have two big brothers who love you so much. They will always be there to look out for you, and lead you on the mischievous path of childhood.

You have always loved to be held high on your Daddys shoulder. You see the world, and love to explore with him. As you walk with him, safe and content, you take everything in. You listen intently to every word he says. You listen and learn the ways of being a daddy, a man. A path you too will one day walk.

I watch you. Everyday sees something new. A new sound. A new reaction. You grow out of clothes that only weeks ago looked big & baggy. It all seems to be happening so fast. I tried to hold on tight to those new precious new born days, but they are well and truly past. I must now enjoy these fleeting months of you being a baby before they too become just treasured memories. I nurture you, tend to your every need. I hope and dream that your future is filled with love and happiness. I know that one day you will grow to be a strong and able man, but for today I will hold you close, love you, guide you, and cherish this special time we have together.

You react to everything with intent. You show, joy, sadness, surprise, contentment, happiness, anticipation, tiredness, recognition and joy. You have definitely started testing out your range of vocal sounds. You goo and gah contentedly as you play after a feed, you squeal with delight, giggle with anticipation, grunt for attention. You occasionally cry out when you are tired, hungry or just want some attentive company. You purse your little lips to blow the cutest, sloppiest, little raspberries, and suck in your voice to make a funny high pitched playful noises. You are not yet able to speak any words, and yet you say so much.

Your smile lights up your little face with the sheer joy of everything around you. Your wondrous blue eyes betray your emotions instantly. They smile that tiny fraction of a second before the corners of your mouth begin to curl, and they laugh before any sound comes from your rosy lips. They can also show your uncertainty. You gaze cautiously, momentarily assessing new people and situations before that tell tale twinkle can be seen, or before you sheepishly bury your eyes into my shoulder and feign shyness for a few seconds.

No longer do you move with the jerky involuntary actions of a newborn. You reach out to grasp objects. Your chubby little fingers manage to hold on so tight. You see a toy, turn and twist, and eventually roll over so your outstretched arms can reach it and pull it to your mouth. You pat your hands on the water in the bath, knowing full well the resulting splashes will make me react with delight, as that cheeky giggle fills the room with the joyous sounds of a happy baby. You are beginning to revel in the predictability of games such as this little piggy, and round and round the garden. I pull you in tight and blow raspberries on your cheek, or plant noisy kisses on your neck. As I let you relax you strain to lift your head and pull your body back towards me. Your eyes are twinkling and you’re ready for more.

You love being outside, swaying rhythmically back and forth in your swing, or going for walks in your pram. Perhaps it’s the feel of the gentle autumn breezes tickling your face, or the beauty in the colours all around you, or maybe its the warmth of the morning sun enveloping your body. These are the times when we are unhurried, content with each others company. Time just for us. Moments to treasure.

Like your eyes, your body language gives so much away. I see you suddenly stretch out and stiffen your arms and legs, they begin to shake and kick, almost as though you have little control over them—something has caught your attention and it is very exciting. You begin to make the tell tale noises that I recognise as a sign of tiredness. I gently scoop you into my arms and put your dummy in, you immediately turn your head to the side, shaking it gently, nuzzling into me like you do your teddy in bed. Your eyes flutter closed and often by the time we walk to your cradle you are already beginning to drift off to sleep. I place you down and gently pull the covers up over your sweet sleepy body. I put teddy next to you and you wrap your arm around him and draw him close, burying your button nose in his soft fur as you snuggle down to sleep.

Each morning as I pull back the curtains on a new day I am greeted by your precious smile and reminded how truly blessed we really are. I love you more than I could have imagined my little sweetpea and I will be forever grateful that you are a part of our lives. You help make our family complete. You fill a void in our hearts we didn't realise existed.

I will love you with all my being—forever


Luckily I started this letter a while ago. My little cherub has had a few unsettled days and nights. Im not sure if its something he is eating (one bad night after trying peas in his tea) or if his teeth are getting ready to cut, or if he is coming down with something..but the grizzling is starting to drive me crazy. He only slept for about one hour all day today, and was grizzly unless I was holding him, or walking him in the pusher of pushing him in the swing. He wasnt even contented in the bath!!! Very unlike him. Hope we get it sorted soon though. If I had of written this all tonight, in my sleep deprived state, it may not have been such a sweet and rosy veiw of motherhood six months on LOL


steph caskey devlin said...

Too beautiful.
Your little boy is blessed with such a profound, honest mummy as youself.
Your words are like poetry.
Its amazing what comes straight from pure love.
Nic, that was way too beautiful.

Steph x

Roz said...

Nic, that is so beautiful, and so well written, you have a gift! And a darling little boy :o) Happy 6 months!

kathie said...

What beautiful, beautiful writing, Nic! And you say you can't write? Where did you get that idea from? I got goosebumps reading this. And you are so right - J and I are so similar. I might just take your 6 month letter and substitute Bunnyrabbit for Sweetpea, lol!

J was unsettled for a week, until two days ago. I also didn't know why. But then I checked my leaflet that CYH gave me and I see that the 26th week is often a "wonder week" when they have a sudden surge in development and get clingy and unsettled. (Why is it that the word "unsettled" never manages to sound like what it *really* is? It sounds so mild. It doesn't at all describe a howling, screaming, desperate-to-be-picked-up-and-cuddled baby, lol.)

Week 27 is then supposed to be a "sunny week" where they are most adorable - and J is certainly living up to that, thank Goodness. So, you have a beautiful week coming up soon. Just hang in there! (Yes, and I put it down to zucchini!)

The four of us should catch up soon. Those boys are growing up far too quickly.

Rach Axton said...

Wow.. what a beautiful letter, it is sooo gorgeous, and those photos are soooooooooo fantastic, he is so adorable I want to hug and cuddle him so much.. lol.. and how funnily cute about him grizzling now!!

Can't wait to see the layout!!

Take care Nic!!!
Rach xx

Katie Toland said...

Wow Nic, you sure know how to write! That letter is beautiful Make sure you back that up and keep a hardcopy somewhere else. It will be treasured!!

Absolutly gorgeous photos! Love them!

Chris Millar said...

Oh gosh, this is such a beautiful letter Nic! You have written it so well and will definitely be a treasure in years to come! I hope his grizzly days and nights settle for you soon!

Mel Diener said...

Ahh Nic...that is beautiful. I love that photo of your gorgeous little man...adorable.

And a huge contrats to your sis..what a gorgeous baby girl.