Wednesday, May 03, 2006

tagged again! and a challenge for you

Just doing my usual round of blog checks LOL and saw Kathie has tagged me - there is no time like the present!!!

In my Fridge left over rice and one tuna pattie, milk, juice etc that I went and got tonight, two bottles of boiled water - for Isaac to try, a big pot of vegie soup that I made today, 1/2 a small bottle of soda water thats been there for yonks!!! the kids school lunches for tomorrow - grated cheese, grated carrot & corn relish dip pitta pockets.

In my Closet precious little!!! I had a big splurge on maternity clothes last year - they have all gone to my neighbour now; some T Shirts that are to tight for me atm while Im still feeding; a couple of pairs of jeans; trackies; my new brown jumper with fake fur trim that I bought a couple of weeks ago.

In my handbag ..that would be the baby bag! Nappies, wipes, chuck rag, nappy sacks, mobile phone, change of clothes for Isaac (which are probably too small now - must see to that!) lip balm, rattle/teether toy, brush, nappy cream samples, my purse and keys.

In my car Pram, empty drink bottles, entertainment book, car seat, chuck rag, baby toys, kids clothes, socks etc, mine & Nathans rain coats and the big golf umbrella, green shopping bags

In my video/DVD player ????????? dont remember the last time I used it - I think the kids were watching a cartoon DVD

I am tagging Katie Rozzie (since she is back in computer land again!) and Kate - in your spare time LOL. Sorry if youve already been tagged ladies!

The kids have only been back at school a couple of days, but I still feel like Im achieving nothing during the day. Today I kept a bit of a diary of exactly what, when, how and why of my day - after reading back through it I realised that I actually do achieve heaps in a day!!! Its just a lot of it is the unseen stuff, but stuff that needs doing never the less! and LOTS of my time is taken up with Isaac and his needs atm too. I needed to do this I think, just to validate me to myself, and to reinforce that being a mother is one of the most thankless, neverending, worst paid BUT BESTEST most rewarding and important jobs in the whole wide world!!!!

I will share my day when I get time to type it all out and Id love to challenge you to all record a whole day in your life. Just an ordinary day, doing ordinary stuff. Im sure it will make cool journalling for a LO and that you will love to look back on it in the future. Id love you to share it on your blog too!!! leave me a little note if you do, cause Id love to come take a peak at a day in your life!!!


kathie said...

LOL, your bag is exactly like mine. I know what you mean about getting nothing done during the day. I'd love to see your day - you've seen mine, it's been on my blog already. And I'm in the middle of scrapping it.

Roz said...

sounds like a shopping spree for some clothes is in order lol!!

I like your challenge, and I will try to remember and attempt to do it one day!